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    Re: ESPN college pick'em

    Bumping the thread back to the top for those who hasn't joined in yet..And I agree the Penn St - UCF game is a tough one & I wouldn't touch this one if I were using $$$..O'Leary ia a damn good HC &...
  2. Link: Study Commissioned To Connect downtown Tuscaloosa With UA Campus

    What do y'all think about this idea???

    Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  3. Link: Map Shows Which Alabama Counties Got The Most Military Surplus Gear For LEO

    I can understand Calhoun County needing those MRAPS, cause of the cleanup, of old ordinances that's being cleaned up that hasn't exploded on the old Ft McClellan land..Some of the other surplus...
  4. Question: Re: O-line opinion from people that have seen them live

    Instead of beginning a new thread I'll post it here instead..Here's an article from AlabamaINTEL & former Alabama O-Lineman William "Redfish" Barger & his opinion about our O-Line situation..From the...
  5. Re: Braxton Miller Reinjured Right Shoulder- Playing Status for the season in Jeopard

    I'll put this article in here instead of starting a new one..I thought Chad Lindsey went to Michigan..According to this he's the new starting C for the Bucks..I still wish Chad would have became our...
  6. Re: Hunters snag a 1,011 lb gator in Thomaston, AL

    Yup..Awesome movie & yes Sue is freaking sweet.."Sweet Sue"..Hey wasn't there a product called "Sweet Sue"..I think it was "Sweet Sue" BarBQ Chicken or something like that..We used to eat that a lot...
  7. Re: Hunters snag a 1,011 lb gator in Thomaston, AL

    I too wish they could have got in touch with the "Gator Boys" & let them come down to capture it & take it to their gator sanctuary to live out the rest of its life..I also am glad that big gator...
  8. Re: *** CB Minkah Fitzpatrick Commits to Alabama ***

    I just saw this posted about Minkah..He's the #1 rated prospect recruit from New Jersey..Nice..

    Here's The Link..CLICK ME

    In the individual national rankings, St. Peter's Prep cornerback...
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    Re: Trouble Brewing in Louisville

    Yup..They should have went after anyone but this disgraced man & HC..Petrino brings nothing but trouble to the team he associates with..That's on the man that brought him back..I'd fire whoever...
  10. Re: Yahoo Sports: Notre Dame Under Investigation for Academic Fraud

    Yup..And there's no way all this went on without HC Brian Kelly knowing & signing off to keep his star players eligible..And this doesn't include this scandal & death of this young man..There's...
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    Re: David Gregory out at Meet The Press

    Were they just blowing smoke out of folks backside when Russert died, and when they were memorializing him right after his death, saying MTP was the highest rated & most popular news show while...
  12. Link: View Post

    When we're not the most hated team in college football, we're in trouble, cause that will mean we're not dominating college football..We were loved during the "Shula Years" & I remember distinctly...
  13. Re: Checkout These Bama Football Desktop Backgrounds & Bama Logo's My Friend Made

    No problem at all & am glad you like them..He's really really good at doing these & is passionate about Bama like we are..Here's a couple more on he posted a while back..
  14. Re: Checkout These Bama Football Desktop Backgrounds & Bama Logo's My Friend Made

    Here's A couple more..
  15. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    I agree 100% with as always Brad..If Blake is named our starter, that means he's won the confidence of Coach Saban & Kiffin, and that's all i need to know myself..Did Blake look like Peyton Manning...
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