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  1. Re: BOL: Former Clemson QB Chad Kelly Visits Alabama on Sunday

    I don't believe for one minute that this was the case. I'm pretty close to the Clemson program and have heard Dabo speak about his views on this, following the first reports accusing him of "making"...
  2. Re: My son's question drew the ire of Nick... Lol

    He's adult and recent graduate. I think he just got caught up in the moment and wanted to have that 1:1 experience. He didn't take it as a personal affront, he just realized very quickly that this...
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    Re: David Langner has passed away

    So I'm many years removed from that game, where I sat in the bleachers where those two punts were run back -- and that Langner name still is etched in my memory!

    Who remembers the bleachers?
  4. Re: My son's question drew the ire of Nick... Lol

    Indeed! The funny thing was that Nick opened the Q&A with the comment that since none of us were the media we could rest easy that he wouldn't jump down anyone's throat.

    And to the other poster...
  5. Tapatalk caused major problems for my browser

    Mods, please move this to non sports if you think this discussion is best there but I wanted to share my experience in hopes it does not cause problems for anyone else. I downloaded the free Tapatalk...
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    Re: McElroy's Take On AJ's A-Day Game Comment

    I heard Nick say tonight in Charlotte that last year's team did not buy in to the process and didn't do all they could to be successful. But he also said he's encouraged by what he's seen from this...
  7. My son's question drew the ire of Nick... Lol

    In Charlotte tonight at the Crimson Caravan, my son asked about the Payton Manning meeting... and before he finished his question, Nick cut him off, and I swear, for a minute it was as if he'd asked...
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    Re: Altee TenPenny in trouble with the law

    Arab, my hometown! I miss it.
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    Re: Jalston Fowler -- looks thinner.

    Wow he does look slimmer! Good for him.
  10. Link: Re: Roman Harper Joins Robert Lester in Carolina Secondary

    I'm very happy to see him in Carolina! I know he will do well and we are in dire need of safety experience. I hope he and Robert own those spots!
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    Re: Prayer Request

    You all are definitely in my prayers! I pray especially that you will feel the loving arms of God around you to give you peace and comfort.
  12. Re: American Idol - Sweet Home Alabama - Roll Tide Roll

    I'm so glad you posted this! We were watching this last night and I was thinking about RTR during the chorus when he SANG it and laughed out loud! It was a great moment. I hope he does well. ...
  13. Link: Re: Reporting Rolando Planning a Comeback

    I wish him the best and hope he's able to overcome his past and do well.
  14. Re: Malaysia Airlines loses contact with passenger jet

    This is very strange indeed. I first heard about it around 1:30 today and haven't heard boo since. I keep thinking there must be foul play but no way to know. Prayers for all those on board!
  15. Thread: The Blacklist

    by Luvubama

    Re: The Blacklist

    Can't believe Tom! Now we know. This will be interesting to see unfold.
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