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    Link: Re: Bama flag flying at A&M stadium

    Thank heavens they didnt have facebook when I was younger. I still dont have a facebook page and have no desire to post my feelings or actions for the world to see. If what the article says is...
  2. Link: Re: Golden Flake Sponsorship Of The Southeastern Conference Has Ended

    If I remember correctly Bob Bockrath (sp) the AD at the time, did not renew stadium concession contract with Coke and went with Pepsi at BDS during the late 90's before they finally ran him off. ...
  3. Re: New Book Claims Texas Offered Coach Saban $100 Million

    Since its a Finebaum book, I will wait till it posted the internet and read it for free. He is such a pimp. I stopped listening to him a year ago and dont miss it at all.
  4. Re: Dorial Green Beckham arrested for drugs

    Maybe their new uniforms will make the forget how many times the were caught cheating or maybe their trying to fool the NCAA into thinking its not really OU.
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    Re: Oklahoma goes the multi-uniform route.

    When i look at the new designs I take it with a grain of salt. Until they mess with ours I am ok. But to be totally honest I got a headache from watching some of the crap Maryland has worn as...
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news


    The sad thing is I believe we could only be on national tv a couple of times back in the 60 and 70's. So I dont think we will get to see some of those great games of the past.
    Imagine being...
  7. Re: Rules Ctne recommends 10 second substitution window

    Why did even click on that link LOL. If I had also know it was Marshall I would have never clicked on it.. Next time please warn us.
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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl XLVIII: Broncos vs. Seahawks

    Maybe Manning can lead the fans in his rendition of Rocky Flop......
  9. Re: Should Alabama football players join the players' union?

    Joe Willie Namath, final answer.
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    Re: Bama players in Super Bowl?

    Just call me Petty.
  11. Re: Admit it - You hired Kiffin solely to upset Tennessee and make them dislike you m

    The Redstone Arsenal dumped poison in it for years. I would not eat anything from that part of the Tenn River....
  12. Re: Admit it - You hired Kiffin solely to upset Tennessee and make them dislike you m

    Truth be told, I truly think Bama fans have a valid reason to dislike UcheaT more than they will ever have a reason to hold anything against us. Other than we OWN them... LOL
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    Re: Why do we hate Lane Kiffin again?

    So I look at it as the only way he can get a NC ring. He maybe a jerk but he is Sabans jerk. No reason I have to like him. If he thought the heat in the kitchen was hot in Knoxville. I will defer...
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    Re: Bama Fan Who Took Her Dress Off
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    Re: Bama Fan Who Took Her Dress Off

    Dee Powel, along wiht help from Baumhauer found her...
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