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    Re: Off Season Problems with Players

    They are teenagers trying to find their way. It doesn't matter who their coach is, they are still young boys/men.
  2. Former Penn St QB/Backup QB LSU Bolden transfers

    Looks like Bolden is on the move again
  3. Question: Re: Was anyone else confused with the new playoff selection process?

    Why not have the winner of the Rose play the winner of the Fiesta to decide who wins the west and then have the winner of the Sugar play who
    wins the Orange to win the east. Those two teams meet in...
  4. Link: Re: Golden Flake Sponsorship Of The Southeastern Conference Has Ended

    Lay's is a product from Pepsi. I work at Coca-Cola and we can not bring in any Lay's potato chips or food from restaraunts that serve Pepsi
  5. Re: If You Were An NFL Owner--Which Current SEC Head Coach Would You Hire To Be Yours

    Sumlin gets my vote and by the way he's recruiting at A&M, I hope he leaves soon
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    Re: Oklahoma goes the multi-uniform route.

    I like em!
  7. Re: 2009 Championship Game.. ON LONGHORN NETWORK RIGHT NOW

    Texas hasn't been the same since that night in January.
  8. Re: Dualling talking heads: Scabinski vs McElroy

    For once I agree with Scab. This will be the only time though :)
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    Re: CSS is no more on Jacksonville FL Cable

    It hasn't been on in Atlanta for several weeks now. Thanks SEC network :(
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    Re: Nick Saban Impersonation Must See

    I'd give him an 8
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    Re: Tim Brando hired by FOX

    Good riddance
  12. Re: Help Finding Tickets (First Time to Bama Game)

    You don't have to buy them from someone you don't know. You can buy them on right now.
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    Re: Ticket availability

    I'm in the Century Club and received emails about the tickets everyone is taking about. You might check your spam folder to see if they are there. Also, log into your TidePride account and look...
  14. Re: Glenview Elementary School students being indoctrinated with their 1st "Pride" da

    I think this is a great thing! Very well done.
  15. Re: Julio says "Nobody cares about playing in the Sugar Bowl"

    We picked up 3 national titles in this "flawed BCS format".
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