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    Re: Expansion: Alive and Well

    I just wonder how much cable tv rates will go up for ESPN. Someone has to pay for it and it will be the consumer.
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    Maybe you should pose the question and start a poll if they Put Gus on the Bus. Would they hire Petrino, he is 0-4 vs Bama. After watching Auburn play for 50 years and we both have our dark days ,...
  3. Re: Three black men shot while smoking weed and live broadcasting on facebook

    I know realize why I never visit this forum and stay on the Football. At least in the football forum we all believe in the same team. Ya'll have fun here, you hear.
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    Re: Alabama at SEC Media Days Today (7/13)

    I am sorry, but when did he ever earn credibility. I for one will never forget the Crap he wrote about Coach Bryant in his final years. Those of us who were around back then will never forget. He...
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    Re: Bama Winning vs Hillary Winning

    Hasnt it always been that way Gridlock. Is not that what politicians get paid to do. Fire em all.....
  6. Re: updated roster format, and some updated player weights

    I wonder where the Defensive Coordinator is on the list of coaches???? Must be a error.
  7. Link: Re: LSU QB Brandon Harris has Plenty of Confidence Heading into the Season

    He must be related to Honey Badger.
  8. Re: Breaking News: Penn State Will Remove Joe Paterno Statue

    Let them put the players wall back up. I do not see how that should bother anyone but they are really asking from a lot of really bad press of they put his statue back by the stadium.
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    Re: Duron Carter Ejected from CFL Game

    He is named after the brand of house paint. The painters used it to paint cabinets in my home. I would change my name to Benjamin Moore Carter. He could become BJ Moore. That has a better ring to...
  10. Re: Rolando suspended 10 Games for Substance Abuse

    Has nothing to do with Decatur. What other millionaire shoots an gun off in public and injures a bystanders hearing. And gets away with it. Now thats Morgan County Politics.
  11. Re: Yahoo: NCAA to formally charge Ole Miss with rules violations (UPDATE: NOA Releas

    Looks like the Ole Miss fan base is trying to spin Pete Thamels article as it was just a rehash of old information. Since the NCAA is not a court of Law, they can take any information they want and...
  12. Re: David Palmer Ranked #100 Best Bama Football Player?!?!

    I wonder if the Birmingham News is hurting that much financially, the crap thats on the site is a joke , its bout the best and worst of Alabama. I stopped clicking on the list after I saw the...
  13. Re: Yahoo: NCAA to formally charge Ole Miss with rules violations (UPDATE: NOA Releas

    And you have noticed that Hugh is flying low under all the radars. He might need to learn a thing from Nick about not having a Twitter account.
  14. Re: DA ops not to press charges on Cam and Hootie...

    Actually, this is the week to open it up. We can see how they really feel....
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    Poll: Re: To readmit LSU Fans to posting privileges...

    I am on a couple of other non sports related boards. I have the option of ignoring the member and never seeing any of their post or receive messages from them. Is that an option on this board? ...
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