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    Re: Question about onside kicks

    This is my favorite part of the whole thing. Do they really think NICK SABAN OF ALL PEOPLE practiced a play all season that was blatantly against the rules?
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Clemson NCG

    How much trouble did we have with the cockiest mobile QB in college football in years in Manziel? IMO - we're much better in the front 4 than we were then, but I expect Watson to give us some...
  3. Re: Who replaces Scott Cochran


    Am I the only one who read this in Coach Cochran's voice and spontaneous accenting of words and started heartily laughing to them self?
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    Link: Re: Coach Smart to UGA

    I don't think Nick Saban has ever had a built-in excuse. For anything.
  5. Re: A closer look at Alabama's offense under Lane Kiffin

    This makes sense with Lane - I've always thought his offense is designed to get the ball in the hands of his playmakers. That's why you saw so many targets for Amari last year, and also why you see...
  6. Link: Re: Bramlett and White Radio Call of the Personal Foul and Unsportsmanlike Penalties

    Oh man, these are some delicious tears.
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    Re: OL play - when is it going to bite us...

    We should be careful with cumulative stats from teams in the Big 12 - a lot more teams there go at a hyper pace (and so does Oklahoma) More opportunities on the field means you're going to give up...
  8. Link: Re: Auburn's QB Sean White has the " Brady factor".

    I didn't read it but I assume they mean he will be drafted in the 6th round, right?
  9. Re: Study concludes shuttered football program at UAB made money

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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Shaun Alexander's dominance was one of the first players I really followed and was old enough to really know what was going on. He's up there, as is Ken Darby.

    But if it's possible to have a...
  11. News Article: Re: OJ Howard Indicates a Faster Alabama Offense in 2015

    I'm a firm believer that the HUNH should be a viable strategy.... BUT the play cards should go away. If you have a QB you trust to call plays at the line, let him do it, as fast as he wants. But...
  12. Re: Gary Patterson Wants All Conference Championship Games Eliminated

    I think I would prefer 8, 10 team conferences that play each other over the course of the season. Conference champions go to the playoffs. No whining, no beauty pageant, no politics.
  13. Re: Okie State OL Coach - "Bucket Step Bob" gets job at USC

    To be fair, it's entirely possible that nobody bull rushes in the Pac-12
  14. Re: Rule Change Proposal: Ineligible Man Downfield Decreased to One Yard

    Seeking more clarification for our UF friends - does it matter if the guy you are blocking downfield is a teammate or opponent?
  15. Link: Looks like the anti-vaxxers are creating a nice little outbreak.

    Never mind, I was late to the party :)
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