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  1. Re: Mel Kiper taking a shot a former Alabama players in the NFL.

    McClain is a legit failure, but that was more of a mental/motivation issue for him.
    And Jackson has been a disappointing 1st round CB.

    Other than those two, i think every other recent pick has...
  2. Link: Re: Rolando McClain Reinstated by the Baltimore Ravens

    I loved him at Bama, but he has been a major bust as a pro athlete.

    Seems like a head case.
  3. Re: Jameis Winston investigated for sexual assault - update: DNA match found

    If the prosecutor doesn't move forward with this, i can't imagine the girl and her lawyer just going away and forgetting about it.
    With the way the police department handled everything, it smells of...
  4. Question: Re: Does the Manziel and Marriotta performances open the door for AJ for the Heisman?

    I think the door is wide open for AJ right now, and even with Bama fatigue going on, i think there will still be a lot of voters that can appreciate a high character guy that does nothing but win...
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    Re: Pick the score: Miss. State vs. Alabama

    Dak Prescott got dinged in the aTm game, he may not play this week.

    This is not a good MSU team, they may hang around for awhile, but we win big in the end 41-7.
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    Re: **** QB David Cornwell Commits to Bama ***

    I stay off the forums for a few days, and then i was hit with this good news when i logged in.

    I guess im late to the party, but this is a great pick, this guy seems to have all the tools to be an...
  7. Re: Will this year's team be as good as last year's team?

    I think we'll be even better than last year, the offense could be unstoppable.

    And whos gone beat us anyway?
    LSU lost so many players and it's at Bryant Denny this year.
    A&M is gone come back to...
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    Re: Your Thoughts on NFL Draft (Round 1)

    The CB from Houston (Hayden) that the Raiders drafted is an interesting story, he had a big health scare last year, but now that he was recently cleared medically, he rose up the charts quickly.
  9. Re: Derrick Henry to Miss A-Day Because of Surgery

    This is the same bone that Kenny Bell broke if I'm remembering it right.
    DH should be good to go for the fall.
  10. Re: McCarron designated as No. 1 QB in College Football next season

    He will enter the season at 25-2 as a starter, two time BCS champion as a starter.

    Now just imagine if he stays healthy and we're SEC champions again either undefeated or a 1 loss team, his career...
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    Re: Ro McClain released

    Im a Raider fan, and apparently Ro had a big arguments with the coaches last year to go along with inconsistent play and off the field legal problems.
    Even though the Raiders had a lot invested in...
  12. Re: The Story Can`t Be Told Any Better (highligts)

    So many good players and so many good moments, great highlights.

    I still don't think AJ gets enough credit from the media, sure he's got a great supporting cast, but he made some great throws this...
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    Re: ***Official ALABAMA LOI Received Thread***

    Once Robinson and Kamara come aboard this is going to be the best class on paper Bama has ever had.
    Even without EV and Conner, this class is ridiculously loaded.
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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl thread...

    Late in the game, on 4th down in post season play, you can't expect to get that call.
    The NFL tells the refs to stand down in that situation, let the players play.

    Seemed to be plenty of things...
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    Re: Where thing stand on 1/30

    A prediction right now 2-2-2013.


    This doesn't seem that far fetched right now, a few days back i would have thought this was crazy talk.
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