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    Re: Obama the gun grabber is at it again...

    Me want.


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  2. Re: Portland Sports Talk Radio, Kansas vs Alabama hypotheticals

    This. Is. Awesome!

    I'm laughing so hard right now. Some of the listener suggestions are absolute gold.

    - Bama gets nine regular players on offense and defense with Saban and Kiffin playing...
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    Re: CFP predictions (11/24 and final)

    Well, look what happened when the Domers played a top-notch defense in BC - a narrow, lucky-to-escape, three-point win. And, going into that game, BC was 1st in the country in Total Defense and last...
  4. Re: Walk down memory lane just before Coach Saban's hire. Neal McCready

    While none of McCready's articles quite measure up to Michael Ventre status, he almost certainly has the most butt-hurt-in-the-rearview Bama hating articles. :biggrin:
  5. Re: Cyrus Jones Named SEC Co-Special Teams Player of the Week

    Yeah, I just saw it here.

    I'm sorry, though - while six field goals in a game is certainly something, he did go six out of seven with a 35-yard miss. To me, six of seven fields goals with a long...
  6. Re: Cyrus Jones Named SEC Co-Special Teams Player of the Week

    Co-Special Teams Player of the Week?


    Who the heck did as much as he did on Special Teams in the SEC last week???
  7. Re: Blindfolded Muslim Man Hugs Mourners in Paris

    I can pretty much guarantee that she hasn't.

    And, just for the record, I have.
  8. Re: BLM group labeled as "terrorist group" by White Student Union at Illinois

    It sounds like the person - or persons - who started the page are a bunch of [at least closet] racist dolts.

    However, as an aside, there is an interesting point to ponder regarding true...
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    Re: Another snub on the way for Big 12

    I think this will mostly depend - assuming they both win out - upon the final strength of Notre Dame's schedule. Right now, their schedule rates out as much better than anyone's in the Big XII. ...
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    Re: Another snub on the way for Big 12

    I agree with everything here except the certainty that the committee would put in an undefeated Oklahoma State over a one-loss Notre Dame. I think, as things appear at this point in time, that it...
  11. Poll: Re: Which Playoff Contender Takes a Hit This Weekend?

    Should have been a multi-select poll.
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    Re: Need Help!!! Washing Machine

    My wife and I have had a Samsung HE front-loading washer & dryer set for about four years now and we love it. Haven't had the first problem and the functions and features are great - especially the...
  13. Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Charleston Southern

    Since no one has it, yet..

    Crimson Tide - 55
    Other Guys --- 0
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    Re: I Had a Dream (Playoff Scenario)

    You had me on board until the band broke up.

    How dare you even dream of such a scenario!

  15. Re: How should an American Christian respond to ISIS?

    Yes, their religious prophecy is malleable. Yes, they may use it as a rallying call. And, yes, as I stated there would still be radical islamists who see violence against us "infidels" as an...
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