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  1. Re: Good, bad, and ugly: Bama vs Miss st edition

    Good: Henry another 200+ yard performance
    Bad: Drake with another injury (hate it for him), had to mute Vern and Gary again
    Ugly: first offensive series (3 passes and out)
  2. Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly LSwho styile...

    The Good: O Line play, Defense, Adam Griffith

    The Bad: Verne & Gary

    The Ugly: deciphering a Lester Miles interview.
  3. Game Thread Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Aggies...

    I figured I would offer some of my humble observations on the game.

    Our secondary played very well today (21 pts of 3 INTs). I think Fitzpatrick may overshadow every single defensive back in...
  4. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly GA style

    The Good: Coker steps up and plays to his ability, offensive line play, running game, Coach Saban in a cap.

    The Bad: Pre-game festivities (run out)

    The Ugly: UGA's record when Coach Saban comes...
  5. Game Thread Re: Game Thread - Bama vs. LA. Monroe (SEC network, 3:00 PM) 2nd Half...

    It is not so much the sacks as the hurries and the disruption of timing.
  6. Game Thread Re: Game Thread - Bama vs. LA. Monroe (SEC network, 3:00 PM) 2nd Half...

    I don't think the problem is Coker, although he could improve. He locked on a couple of times and missed the shallow route. I think the problem is the situations that he is placed in. Are we hurry...
  7. Game Thread Re: Game Thread - Bama vs. LA. Monroe (SEC network, 3:00 PM)

    In the words of Fletch, I concur.
  8. Re: I actually feel better about this Alabama team after the game

    Blocking, tackling, taking care of the ball. That is what it usually comes down to....
  9. Re: To all the fans that left early......thanks for nothing!

    I left early. We were down 3 scores. I knew there was a chance, and a slight one at that, for a comeback. However, I also knew that I had a 6 1/2 hour trip ahead of me driving through the night...
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    Re: 8:15 Ole Miss start time, ugh

    Can't wait. A friend and I are driving down for this one. It takes roughly 6 to 6 and a half (depending on VA cops) to get to Ttown from my house. Then a 9:15 EST (my) time kickoff... Ah, it will...
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The Good: D. Henry, o-line play, stout defense
    The Bad: Big 12 pass happy refs
    The Ugly: Those awful red and white striped overalls that Wisconsin fans wear.
  12. Question: Re: What do you think our first offensive play from scrimmage will be?

    I'm calling a slant out of heavy set. An easy throw/catch that builds QB confidence.
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    Re: GameFace Check!!!

    Roll Tide
  14. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    Good point. Wasn't a kid by the name of Randal Cobb a 3 star, too.
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    Re: RB Update and Questions

    Cannot speak to the rest of the running back stable, but, judging solely on high school performance, D. Harris can be a very good back in the SEC. He generated buzz in state that was comparable to...
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