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  1. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    Yeah, the skills required are different. If American football players had to run the entire game, they would be much smaller than their current sizes. Currently, the weights and calorie regimens help...
  2. Re: Are Total Wins All That Will Matter? (Selection Committee Concern Cont.)

    Considering that Wichita State is ranked #2 in both human polls and is #4 in the RPI computer rankings, they would have been in even with the BCS formula.
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    Re: Basketball Mt. Rushmore

    Pettway just barely first in the past decade.
  4. Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    I agree with #2 and #3; that said Gottfriend's bad spell was really only about a year and a half; and that was following 5 straight tournament appearances. Right now we are 9-14 and 3-7; that is...
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    Re: OL Braden Smith Flips To Auburn??

    Smith was considering TCU and A&M. Many thought he would go to TCU for family reasons (his sister is an athlete there).
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    Re: Marcel Dareus Named to Pro Bowl

    I believe he was referring to Evan Mathis, who has played for four teams. Mathis has been rated one of the if not THE top guard in the NFL for the past three years or so. Not bad for a 3-star linemen...
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    Re: Franklin leaves Vandy for Penn State

    Dang, I whiffed on that one, completely thought he was an alum... ALthough I will still say, that below are all of MSU's bowl games in their history, so he doesn't have to build much to get up there...
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    Re: Franklin leaves Vandy for Penn State

    Ehh, it is all a matter of perspectives and personal preferences as well. Dan Mullen is an MSU alum; He works in the top conference and in a region ripe with talent. He has taken Mississippi State...
  9. Re: Kevin Steele will be Louisville DC

    It is a managerial support position. In college, it involves making sure that players deal with compliance, student services, strength and conditioning, travel plans, facilities, housing, parking...
  10. Question: Re: Who in the world is CK advisor to think he could of not used another year of CFB?

    He will likely be a top 10-20 pick in the first round, and with the NFL rookie salary cap, there is no wiggle room for negotiating in the first couple of rounds. IF he makes it into the top 5 picks...
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    Re: List of Players Declaring for the NFL Draft;_ylt=A0oG7nnN.M5SPREARo1XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0Nm5ydHE0BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2Fj...
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    Re: CB Marlon Humphrey Updates (Page 15)

    I think he ad OVs set up in January for both Bama ad FSU.
  13. Poll: Re: The Best Bama Linebacker over the last 5 years?

    Frankly, thing how lucky we have been to have had the LB position manned by 3 consecutive all Americans (shoot to be honest Demeco Ryans was an incredible All American LB too who finished just before...
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly LSU Style...

    Of course Knight is there, Saban will be the next coach of Oregon ;-).
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    Game Thread Re: Thread: ****Bama vs. LSU Game Thread - 2nd Half****

    well nits are tiny and hard to keep ahold of.
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