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    Re: AJ May Not Make the Bengals' Roster

    Re: McCarron:

    Why not just stash him on the PUP list if you can? I honestly don't think his injury is really all of that serious, but frankly he's not contributing for them this year anyway, and...
  2. Re: Braxton Miller Reinjured Right Shoulder- Playing Status for the season in Jeopard

    Hate to say it, but this sounds like Miller has some really serious structural issues with the shoulder. I'm not sure there is one of the typical "have surgery and a few months to recover and he'll...
  3. Re: *** 2016 ATH Demetris Robertson Commits to Bama ***

    Latest on Robertson:

    Not sure how this one will play out. Apparently his new HS coach is a UGA guy, though, so that's not exactly comforting.
  4. Re: 2016 DE / DT Benito Jones flips to Ole Miss

    Welp, this was all a pretty useless exercise, it seems...
  5. Re: Yahoo Sports: Notre Dame Under Investigation for Academic Fraud

    Aside from the NCAA telling us to all pretend and make believe that a few wins from a few years ago didn't happen, I'm not sure there will be any great impact here moving forward.

    I know this...
  6. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #8 - OL, Dominick Jackson****

    I don't think he'll "ride the bench" and at absolute worst he's a sixth OL who will be called into action should anyone at either OT or OG goes down (or struggles), which is a very valuable role it...
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    JessN: Re: Previews 2014: Alabama Crimson Tide

    Not that placekicking and punting didn't always dominate the special teams evaluations, but I honestly think that the return game, on both kick-offs and punts, is probably less important today than...
  8. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #8 - OL, Dominick Jackson****

    Jackson has three years to play two, but redshirting him isn't going to happen. The ankle injury isn't good, but it occurred three weeks before the opener, so he'll have time to heal and be...
  9. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #8 - OL, Dominick Jackson****

    Couple of things on that front:

    (1) Jackson played in a Wing-T offense on the JUCO level, so he was asked to pass block about once per week. Not saying he can't do it from a physical perspective,...
  10. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #8 - OL, Dominick Jackson****

    It's both, really. Obviously he fulfills a big need on the offensive line -- or at least a perceived need, though that could be mitigated if Kouandjio, Brown, Shank, and Shepherd all stay healthy and...
  11. Re: *** WR Calvin Ridley Commits to Alabama ***

    Ridley described himself yesterday as "95 percent" committed to Alabama, and he plans on taking official visits to Florida State and Miami.

    Obviously, he's still a bit open, but frankly for a kid...
  12. Re: 2015 4* Hoover LB Darrell Williams Updates

    Perhaps, but we slow-played him earlier this year, and it's no guarantee we would take him now, not at least if we pick up McMillon. Space is going to remain extremely tight until the staff gets a...
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    Re: UAB New Uni's

    Uniforms themselves don't look all that bad -- at least considering that they have pretty poor color combo to work with -- but the helmets are just awful. Looks like something out of cheap Japanese...
  14. Re: 2015 4* Hoover LB Darrell Williams Updates

    Think the issue is less on his end and more on ours. Question, I think, is we would also take him if we pick up a commitment late next week from Joshua McMillon?
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    Re: Bo Scarborough to enroll in January

    It's really just disturbing these days when any kid can't qualify, but with all of the time and effort that went into Duron? That's just appalling on his end.

    FWIW, don't know if you've followed,...
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