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    Re: Oklahoma suspends Joe Mixon for season

    Mixon should transfer to Missouri. Stoops would give him a good reference. After all, he wasn't convicted...
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    Link: Re: Alabama Hype Video 2014 RTR

    Too many clips of past players for a hype video, IMHO.
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    OJ Howard wants ice cream...

    Why does this make me think of Mike Shula?
  4. Link: Re: Joe Willie appears in Manning brothers rap for Fantasy Football

    I made it about halfway through before my eyes exploded...
  5. Link: Re: Spurrier concerned about "too much" access by SEC Network

    We're making too many concessions to TV networks. Anyone miss the Third Saturday in October? Only a matter of time 'til they roll out the reality shows...
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    The viles have reached a new low...

    October 25th's gonna be interesting this year!
  7. Thread: Pre (Decition)?

    by scrodz

    Re: Pre (Decition)?

    I took it as PRE(season pre)DICTION, with a spelling fail.
  8. Dee Milliner thinks he's a pretty good CB...

    Not sure how I feel about this, but I suppose my opinion doesn't...
  9. Question: Re: Who Will be Bama's Most Likely Heisman Contender in 2014?

    The Heisman is a media creation these days. It's not about skills, it's about a candidates ability to continue generating buzz. The media just won't push the Heisman angle unless they can see more...
  10. Question: Re: How crazy it would be if SEC and ACC and then Big 10 and Big 12 combine?

    Remaining teams? Who taught you math? ;)
  11. Re: Oklahoma Running Back Joe Mixon allegedly Knocks out Female Victim

    This story has so much spin applied to it at this point that I can't figure anything out. OU is spinning it, the victim is spinning it, the media is spinning it, it even seems like the Norman PD is...
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    Link: Re: Stoops tired of Bama's Sugar Bowl excuses.

    While I agree that we don't need to be making excuses for losing those games, the first step in fixing the problem is identifying it. I think CNS nailed it. He wasn't making excuses, he was asked a...
  13. Re: Former Penn St QB/Backup QB LSU Bolden transfers

    [QUOTE=RTR91;2417130]He moved to WR but was going to give LSU some depth at QB. With his departure, LSU only had a true sophomore and true freshman. An outfielder on the LSU baseball team has now...
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    Re: Mark Richt is a good man

    Richt is in the best place for him. He doesn't have the fire needed to take a national championship, but UGA's content to let him hang around in case he can back into one. Frankly, they could do a...
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    247 Updated Recruiting Rankings

    Barnett and Ridley upgraded to 5 stars, I'm not sure about the rest. Barnett also now ranked higher than Ricky Town. We're still #1...
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