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    winningest senior class?

    Haven't really seen this discussed yet, but how does this senior class compare to others in the total win column?

    This years class has 45 wins so far (5th year seniors have been part of 59...
  2. Re: Ridiculous conference stats (as of Oct 19th)

    here is a crazy stat for you: Not one single team Bama has played this year has had the ball in the 2nd half with a chance to tie the game or take the lead.... in other words, every time in the 2nd...
  3. who were the 6 that didn't play saturday?

    Didn't get to watch the game yet , but did watch the Nick Saban show and he made reference to 6 "normal" contributors who didn't play on Saturday. I have read on here where Steen didn't play, and I...
  4. Re: My retirement as a football fan (in general) might be closer than what I thought.

    I actually had this same conversation with my neighbor yesterday. I am not a fan of where it is going today, and not just the on the field rules, but the off the field rules (the NCAA as a whole) as...
  5. ADMIN NOTE: Geno smith arrested - suspended one game (See warning post below...)

    saw some banter on another board about this then found this...
  6. Re: Johnny Manziel investigated by NCAA

    at what point does the IRS get involved since I seriously doubt he is paying taxes on any of this money for signing things? Surely, they must be watching this too?
  7. Re: *** 2014 LB Keith Holcombe Commits to Alabama ***

    with his size, he will most likely be looking at playing DB (we definitely need more). Looks like a solid pick up to me, congrats and welcome to the team Keith!!
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    Question: Re: How will the Barn do this year?

    I am not sold on Ole Miss as much as everybody else. I have seen too many times where a team like Ole Miss gets a good thing going one year and then the bottom falls out of it. Sustaining success...
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    Re: Defending the HUNH

    this is the only issue I have with HUNH - I think the refs should do the same thing no matter what the offense is running. My biggest issue with it is I have noticed many times that an illegal...
  10. Re: 2013 WR Earnest Robinson Update

    not the way I understand it. The scholarship limits only apply to players on the team. If they are not on the team anymore, they don't count towards the 85 limit even if they are still on a...
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    Re: queston about Fowler

    If he is healthy, I disagree. Henry may (or may not) prove to be a better runner, but it takes time and experience to learn the pass blocking at the college level and I can't imagine Henry would...
  12. Re: Toughest games on Bama's schedule in order

    I think LSU will be the best team we face, but A&M may be the toughest game only because it is early in the season, on the road, and our defense may still be a little inexperienced for Manziel,...
  13. Re: Dickson out for A-Day; may need surgery

    My 22 yo son just had this surgery, he had a complete tear. One month after surgery he had full motion range in his knee and was back at work (waiting tables). He is still in physical therapy...
  14. Re: Numbers Never Lie on why Notre Dame will win the BCSNCG

    There is no question ND has a strong run defense and an excellent redzone defense. I honestly expect Bama to struggle in the redzone against ND and have to settle for FG's, especially in the first...
  15. Where Bama won the game statistically

    The total stats show how LSU was "overall" able to move the ball better than Bama, but what they don't show is how the teams played once they got into opponents territory. I like to break down the...
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