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  1. Re: Stats/Storylines the Have Gotten Lost in the Coverage from Last Night

    It was in the first half and I wasn't sure they had an extra down but we were all saying "This should be Third Down". I know I heard the ref say, "Repeat 2nd Down" & they did and when that play was...
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    Game Thread Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    I wish I knew what this meant.....:smile:
  3. Re: Multiple shooter situation brewing in San Bernardino California

    No pork at a CHRISTMAS party?? MY, my...
  4. Re: Multiple shooter situation brewing in San Bernardino California

    AFTER, talking about the need for gun control, instead of profiling Muslims.
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    Re: Venting regarding LSU/Auburn

    Where is FLO?
  6. Re: Apparently the Head Ball Coach is hanging up his whistle.

    AND I don't understand why everyone on here (most everyone) and in the media is giving him a "pass" for quitting in the middle of the season. How many of his players came to South Carolina...
  7. Re: Intersting: NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Posed as Black, Parents Say

    From someone who had to fill out forms for my employer (not the gov. but gov. forms), I know this to be true.
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    Re: Legislature of Clowns...

    Aren't y'all getting the Fedarales mixed up with the state (CONGRESS shall make no law......) not states.
  9. Re: Sugar Bowl, Section 607, Row 13, Seats 1 and 2, $275 each OBO

    Are they still available?
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    Re: Crowd for the Sugar Bowl

    Me and my 2 sons are trying to go but our problem is finding a hotel, not tickets. Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Re: SEC in 60:Bama's championship season on SEC network

    Thanks B579, it comes on today at 2:00 (actually 1:00 p.m. Central) so I DVR'd it. I'll be at the dentists office :frown:
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    Re: Cop in MO kills unarmed black teen

    Because it works, that's why. Didn't Rodney King get rich?
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    Re: First ever Bama game

    Fundytide: How is it you became a Tide Fan? Would love to hear your story (and Rush's, as well).....
  14. Link: Re: LES MILES. 'Game left a bad taste in my mouth'( officiating)

    Can I "Like" this post 5 times??? It made me laugh out loud for REAL!
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    Re: The Barn vs. The Rebels: Who you pulling for?

    Well, everyone is different--just because YOU can't see it doesn't mean everyone else is wrong OR not as good a fan as you......Pure arrogance on your part...Just MY opinion. LOL
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