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  1. Re: Nick Marshall cited for marijuana. NOT arrested.

    One guy on Facebook said "if you get kicked out of auburn, where could you possibly go?"

    Thought that was pretty funny.
  2. Nick Marshall cited for marijuana. NOT arrested.

  3. News Article: Re: FSU wideout Jesus Wilson arrested for grand theft auto

    What is it with FSU players whose initials are JW? They're all criminals.
  4. Link: Re: Four Critical Questions that will Determine the 2014 CFB Playoff

    I've never seen something that should be so easy turn into a mess like this...
  5. Link: Re: Greg McElroy breaks down Auburn's offense

    They always underachieve.
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    Re: Watching The Oklahoma Replay

    I know we are not supposed to talk poorly about our players but how many season changing plays involved Arie Kuondjio? It's unreal
  7. Re: Clint Trickett will be starting QB for West Virginia

    Former FSU QB will beat former FSU QB... guaranteed.
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    Link: Re: New Playoff Committee bias

    I've never seen a more difficult process for something that should be so easy. I hate the fact that the game we love may never be the same.
  9. Re: Indiana Girl commits to play DB for NAIA college

    Does she have enough chest to play this game?

    - Les Miles
  10. Re: Joker Phillips Resigns as Florida WR Coach

    Speaking of Bama and Florida this season, did I see correctly that Bama is favored by 21 in that game? That is INSANELY high right?
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    Re: College Football Strength of Schedule

    And that my friends is the long and short of it. People have complained for years how soft Bama's schedule is.

    The reality is no team in the SEC can possibly play a weak schedule.
  12. Poll: Re: Your "Most Appreciated" Saban National Championship Team

    First ever Heisman too
  13. Link: Re: Gus Malzahn's Massive New Buyout Shows Auburn Hasn't Learned From Its Past

    They honestly have no idea what's going on. They are living in some kind of bizzaro world. They have NEVER been able to sustain success and they seriously think they will be able to do it while Nick...
  14. Link: Re: Yeldon's Demise has been Greatly Exaggerated

    Here's an interesting stat for you: Yeldon is only 1155 yards away from the all time Bama rushing record.
  15. Link: Re: Blake Sims' Private QB Coach Helping Him Build Mental Game, Discipline

    This will probably not be a popular post. However, deep down most of us know that if Blake is the starter, we are in serious trouble.
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