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  1. Re: LINK: Charleston officer fired 4 posting picture of himsef in confederate flag sh

    Read the article, its wording makes me wonder. I know a Birmingham PD officer that I see posting and replying to comments on news articles within Facebook, that make me curious as to how his...
  2. Re: Memphis Mayor Wants to Dig Up Dead Confederate War General

  3. Re: Memphis Mayor Wants to Dig Up Dead Confederate War General

    But, but...he's the father of the KKK. Wonder what people might learn if they actually STUDIED HISTORY.
  4. Re: Memphis Mayor Wants to Dig Up Dead Confederate War General

    I'm beginning to really thing there is a very large part of the country, that would like nothing more than to have the Southern part of the country, no longer a part of the country.
  5. Re: Apple Removes Civil War Games from App Store

    Probably wrong thread to post this in...but at some point in the future, do they see us as an embarrassment and try to erase us from the data file?
  6. Re: why have laws with no penalty for not following?

    I'm out in the sticks. So far, that we have to pump in sunshine. Here, folks collect em and paint em up for yard sale signs.
  7. Re: 150 blacks killed by blacks so far in Chicago this year, nothing from the Preside

    I'm going to say what I gotta say and step away. I know I'm going to be blasted by some folks and that's OK. You won't change the facts.

    Years ago when there was a general regard for human...
  8. why have laws with no penalty for not following?

    I was just reading an article where Ted Cruz is trying to have a fine levied on the State Department for not providing a report on Iran human rights issues that was due BY LAW on February 25th. It...
  9. Link: Re: Interesting study by OTL in relationships between police departments and athletes

    Sure it'll change something, those named in the report will do a better job of covering up and doctoring stats.
  10. Re: Has demand for football tickets cooled somewhat ?

    Same here. Doubt I'd ever get them, or that I'd pay the $100/ticket price aTm is charging for that game. I do think folks are cooling on just HAVING to be at the games.
  11. Re: Players Impressed with Coach Saban's New Car

    Make that Coach Saban is part owner if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Re: Yet another set of alternate helmets...

    I think the Florida one isn't bad. I've liked the idea of the gator logo on the side for years. Ole Miss isn't shabby and Land Mass St. already has a white helmet like that one. Mizzou has a black...
  13. Re: Moron's selfie leads USAF to bomb ISIS headquarters site

    This is stupidity at it's best on the part of our military leaders. Why tell this stuff? What do you gain? Just let em keep being self-absorbed and posting pics and we'll keep blowing stuff up. ...
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    Re: National Doughnut Day

    I just had the most amazing donut from Dunkin! It's a filled donut. Appeared to have chocolate on top so the crushed Reese's cup would have something to hold on to. It was filled with a peanut...
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    Link: Re: '15 SEC on CBS ~ Early schedule released

    I always enjoyed hearing Ron Franklin and Mike Gottfried do games.
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