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  1. Link: Re: Tony Barnhart: 2014 SEC Football Spring Preview - Alabama

    Where in those comments is there a preview of Alabama 2014?
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    News Article: Re: Possible Concussion Treatment

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. What an innovative young man. Really hope this leads to improved treatment.
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    Re: Good morning, tidefans

    Happy Easter! Praying that every heart can know the joy that God loves us and gave His only Son to die for us that we might all rise in glory one day.
  4. Re: Gun Control News (Bloomberg One Way, Harry Reid The Other)

    He plans to spend 50 million of his own money to fight gun rights. Just think of what he could accomplish with that money if he were truly concerned about people rather than controlling them.
  5. Re: A lighter note - 60 pix to make you think...
  6. Re: A lighter note - 60 pix to make you think...

    Thank you. Through the laughter and tears, the good and evil, we are all on this earth together. Beautiful reminders.
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    Re: Guarantee all Americans an income

    cnn is almost nothing more than a joke.
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    Re: Webb-McCarron wedding to be reality show

    ...or maybe a Kardashian?
  9. Re: US Government staging another Ruby Ridge/Waco...this time in Nevada

    "Freedom's just another name for nothing left to lose."

    The push and corruption has gone too far and America is reaching a breaking point. I really hope nothing bad happens in Nevada over this...
  10. Re: State Rep Promises $100,000 To Alabama Whites Who Have Adopted Non-White Kids....

    Good people there, doing good work for The Lord.
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    Re: Webb-McCarron wedding to be reality show

    AJ McCarron ‏@10AJMcCarron 30m I think it's funny how people think I am doing a tv show. I play football that's it! What my future wife does is...
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    Re: The Kissing Congressman Story Gets Seedier

    It seems everyone involved in this is guilty of something. Get to the bottom of it and let the chips fall on the truth.
  13. Re: Luv Obamacare? You can't buy insurance until the end of 2015 -- It's all Shut Do

    It was never intended to "hold together." As Bohdi said, single payer is the goal.
  14. Re: TSDTR's fans getting a little full of themselves (ITAT WARNING)

    I have noticed their feelings of grandeur on several sites has risen over the last few months. Part of the problem is the "cultlike" atmosphere of that town. The news is tightly controlled and they...
  15. Re: Malaysia Airlines loses contact with passenger jet

    I understand what you are saying, there is no one to save now.
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