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  1. Re: Jim McElwain: Florida roster 'really insufficient' in wake of Will Muschamp era

    I think that the jury is still out on Muschamp as a head coach. He certainly failed at Florida, but he handled that failure about as well as any head coach that I have ever seen. Go back and watch...
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    Re: Geno Smith Arrested

    When I hear about things like this I can't help but remember how many kids in my high school and at OSU died because of alcohol related accidents while I attended - lost in the prime of their lives....
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    Re: And now Jonathan Taylor....again

    This kid is on a road that leads to a life in prison if he doesn't solve his anger management problems very soon. There are therapies that can help him. But a life playing a violent sport like...
  4. Re: Jim McElwain: Florida roster 'really insufficient' in wake of Will Muschamp era

    That should help build confidence in the locker room. /sarcasm
  5. News Article: Re: Meaningless Bowls Eclipse Very Meaningful Basketball Games NYTimes Article

    I would rather watch any bowl game than the finals of the NCAA or NBA playoffs.

    As for these bowl games being "meaningless" - try telling that to the players participating in them or the fans of...
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    Re: Early buzz on Alabama’s new No. 1 receiver

    Drake may be your #1 receiver, even though he will be a RB.
  7. Re: LINK: Are You Smarter Than An NFL Draft Pick? Take the Wonderlic test to find out

    Test taking is a skill in and of itself - especially timed tests like this. I suspect that the NFL does this as a short, timed test for their own reasons, and it probably has little to do with trying...
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    Re: SEC considers Notre Dame as Power Five team.

    The worst team in the SEC would destroy Army most years. Not sure how scheduling Army is going to help SEC OOC schedules.
  9. Re: LINK: Are You Smarter Than An NFL Draft Pick? Take the Wonderlic test to find out

    There was a web site a few years ago that posted a timed version of the test - 25 questions instead of 15, with 6 minutes to complete the 25 questions. All of the questions were similar to these, so...
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    JessN: Re: Battle made the only choice that made sense

    I agree that the Grant hire looked to be a very good one. I hope that Grant figures it out down the road as he seems to be a great human being.

    Good luck in your search for a replacement.
  11. Re: Not Surprising News: Colts Waive Trent Richardson

    Trent spoke many times about his patience behind the LOS - waiting for plays to develop before making his move. That does not translate well to the NFL. I really hope that he catches on with a team,...
  12. Re: Was the 2014/15 NFL season Peyton's last one?

    These types of decisions, when made by players of Peyton's ability, tend to be made based on recent rsults on the field. In other words, I think it depends on how well Denver does next year.
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    Re: 410 lb Tight End at Baylor

    Yeah, this kid is going to die young, and it has nothing to do with football.

    As for playing TE - defenders are going to tackle him very low. His knees have to be struggling just to support all of...
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    Re: CFB is Trending Southward

    I think that it starts and ends here. Where I live, most parents are not allowing their kids to play football, even though most of the fathers played football and love the sport. This trend is about...
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    Re: End of Season Poll

    Came over to the board because I read JESS's article on the Football page. I voted no, but only because I am not sure who you would land that has a higher chance of success. Change for the sake of...
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