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  1. JessN: Re: Arrests mar what should have been an exciting week

    Instead of bashing Coach Saban for giving a player a second chance he should have been praised.
    Coach Saban should be praised for dismissing a player who failed in his conduct, on his second...
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    Re: Trouble In West Georgia?

    If there is a problem at the Barn, rest assured, according to the 'Tin Foil Hats' in Lee Co....
    The Red Elephant Club is behind it...

    Likely this is only 'Creative Financing' to buy...
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    Blog: Re: Latest Bama News 2/25/15

    I hope it serves as motivation for our RB squad. I want em to run with a chip on their shoulders. This article serves notice that we really do have something to prove. At least to a couple of guys...
  4. Re: Tyren Jones Suspended for Conduct Not to the Standard of the Program

    In the long run it could be a multi million dollar mistake.
  5. Question: Re: If we had an "elite" QB would Saban "turn him loose"?

    I don't know. Coach Saban did surprise everybody and hire Coach CLK.
    Allegedly... Lane knows what a Forward Pass is.
    Allegedly... Lane favors a better Offense.

    Good chance that Coach Saban...
  6. Re: One year eligibile transfers potentially hurts program

    Depends on the position.
    Depends on the circumstance.
    Depends on the teams needs.
    Depends on the player.

    Some teams have benefited greatly from such players.
    Not a long term strategy,...
  7. Re: The number of commercials during a tv broadcast has gotten out of hand.

    It's not just Football. There are more commercials than ever on regular TV shows.
    Commercials pay the bills. ( I hate em too, but I'm expert in tuning them out...)

    Commercials are part of the...
  8. Re: Post Season - Pre Spring Practice "Who's Gonna Be the QB Next Year" Thread

    Many here may disagree, but I think Coker will start.
    In his limited playing time, he hasn't looked too bad, despite mostly playing with the 4s-5s. One major thing in favor of Coker is he spread...
  9. Re: Try to remember what you were expecting after the A-Day game...

    Glad you posted this. After A-Day, I thought we would loose several games.
    Unfortunately I was right.

    I was pleasantly surprised that Blake Sims became our starting QB. (Good job)
    I was...
  10. JessN: Re: Ohio State recap: Tide may have even more changes to make

    Jess saw what I saw. We needed a 'Hot' QB, and Blake wasn't.
    Our pass rush was practically non existent.
    Our running game was working and we shelved it in favor of a passing game that for the most...
  11. Re: ****Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. OSU****

    My DA Brother-In-Law grew up a TOSU fan.
    Looking forward to putting him 'Back in his place'...


  12. Question: Re: So, how do you feel about a 4 team playoff now?

    If we don't keep the 4 team play off...

    I'm a big fan of a 64 team playoff. Even the real stinkers will make it.
    Besides I'm no Basketball fan, so February playoffs would work. ;)

  13. Re: What do you look for at the start of the game?

    Then shattered dreams.
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    Blog: Re: Latest Bama News 12/29/14

    Great 'Walk Back'...
    (Words can hurt, but so can a 300 lb, Alabama player.)

    Everybody wants us till they have us...


  15. Re: What will the Sugar Bowl Experience be like for our Guys?

    As long as we remember it gonna determine who gets to play for all the marbles. Our guys should be ready. It's hard to call the first round of the playoffs a lesser bowl.
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