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    Re: 150 years ago today - Lincoln shot

    Where were you when I was in American History 1861-1885 at UA? 1975. I've learned more by reading you than staying up 24 hours with my head buried in book for finals. Thanks Tidewater
  2. Re: 150 years ago today, Lee's surrender at Appomattox

    Interesting, considering the number of Generals Lincoln went through before he finally got Grant off his duff.
  3. Re: 150 years ago today, Lee's surrender at Appomattox

    Over the years, between this little event, the Titanic, Waco (koresh), OKC Bombing, the Texas City Explosion in 1947, Civil War started and ended, Lincoln's death, West, Texas explosion, Doolittle's...
  4. Re: Pres. Obama Says His Daughter's Asthma Led To His Position on Climate Change

    My thirst led to my position on prohibition.
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    Re: Congress of State

    According to the narrative, nuclear is TOO DANGEROUS for us, why not them?: let them have wind mills and solar. We've been running subs and power plants for 50 years with no problem and deny nuclear...
  6. News Article: Re: Bobby Allsion replica 22 paint job returns for NASCAR race this year

    I hate it too but it beats the h_ll outta whatever else on sports TV right now. Cant wait til August.
  7. Link: Re: Animated Map Of What Earth Would Look Like If All The Ice Melted

    Maybe they would up the Red Snapper limit here in Tejas!
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    Re: Wealth inequality in America

    Like my pop used to say after he returned from Europe in WWII, we ain't perfect but we beat anything else out there.
  9. Re: What Nick Saban has done to the SEC since 2007

    Not to mention the demise of Fat Phil, Sylvester, Kiffin(once), Orgeron, Meyer, Nutt, Tuberville, Chizik, Dooley, Mack Brown and who am I forgetting.....?
  10. Re: Whats the most impactful play from the Nick Saban era?

    For me it was beating Arky in 07. We barely lost to Georgia that year in OT but I knew when we came back against Arky and put that big stud running back out, we were coming back. Also the whipping...
  11. Link: Re: DJ Fluker Essay on Recruiting in "The Players Tribune": Marry Your School

    "You could say Alabama worked out pretty well for me. I won two SEC titles, three BCS Championships and was first-team All-SEC and first-team All-American, and my on-field accomplishments made me a...
  12. Re: 32 years ago today...1/26/83

    Only regret in my life is not staying on the team after walking on in 1974. I didn't think I was big enough after seeing those fellas up close. Sure loved the Bear. Miss him today as I know everyone...
  13. Re: Is the "Selma" Portrayal of George Wallace Pure Fiction?

    This was a good. Facts are hard to argue with. Good job.
  14. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    Jamarcus Russell II
  15. ESPN GAME SOUNDS ONLY Network feed last night

    Enjoyed the "game sounds" only broadcast last night on ESPN2 (I think). No Herbstreit, very few commercials, just the stadium announcer and the bands. No half time punditry, just both bands and the...
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