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  1. Re: Southern Cal OC Tee Martin: 'Lane (Kiffin) pretty much adopted what we do on offe

    I hate Tennessee - and the bad taste of Tee Martin's shenanigans emanating from here (Mobile) has never left.
    I hope Bama's defense shuts them out.
  2. Thread: Pick 'em group

    by twofbyc

    Re: Pick 'em group

    I haven't played in several years. I joined a "Last Man Standing" pro group, and just wanted to see if anyone on TideFans was doing anything.
  3. Thread: Pick 'em group

    by twofbyc

    Pick 'em group

    Is anyone starting one this year?
    Also, I have an idea on creating one with a twist; if anyone's interested, PM me.
  4. Re: Rolando suspended 10 Games for Substance Abuse

    I that vein...I personally know a woman who's age related Macular Degeneration was cured; from 60% blindness in one eye and 30% in the other to full vision, 20/20 in both eyes. This is from the oil,...
  5. Re: Rolando suspended 10 Games for Substance Abuse

    And you can't...but there are some people (like Ricky Williams too) that place a higher emphasis on being high than living life, and they have incredible difficulty differentiating between the two. ...
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    News Article: Re: Vols favored in every game this year by ESPN

    OK so let me ask the 64,000 dollar question because I really don't know: how "deep" are they?
    Somebody is gonna get hurt (inevitable) and I'm not sure how many backups they have with any real...
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    News Article: Re: Vols favored in every game this year by ESPN

    If KS turns out to be even half the coach we think he'll be, he will own the vols and the barn. Richt had been the barn's daddy for years.
    The lizards I don't know about - that's a different rivalry...
  8. Re: Cam Robinson Arrested

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    Re: 2015-2016 AHSAA Basketball Playoffs

    i never post here, but I had to shout out for my alma mater:
    First time ever state champs in Football
    First time ever state champs in boys basketball
    First time ever girls play in finals (loss)...
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    Re: Bart Starr victim of brutal hazing at Alabama

    Scott Hunter was interviewed last night. He saw it going on too and admitted in some cases where certain players had issues with other players, they indeed went way too far. He said his was bad but...
  11. Re: Is there a chance that Jacob Coker could be drafted?

    What round was Tom Brady drafted in? Wasn't it the 6th? I think JC has every bit the arm Brady does and he's much more mobile.
    He will go in the late rounds but he will be drafted and we'll see...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    When I first heard this (after it happened - guess I was in a "cave"), my initial thought was, "It's finally happening."
    Now, after trying to understand what the heck happened, I realized - it's...
  13. Re: Grad transfer: Bowling Green WR Gehrig Dieter headed to Bama

    Tim Tebow says hi....
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    Re: The Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Case

    SIAP - but Archie calling Finebaum and asking him not to talk about the story (which he didn't) doesn't work for me. PF showed his true colors by not reporting the story because it WAS a story...
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    Re: Update on TIDE-HSV

    Good luck Earle! You will be feeling much better in a few months, better than you have in a while (at least I have that on pretty good authority).
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