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    Re: How Close was Saban to Coaching Texas

    True or not, it only matters if you think that the things that influenced him in the past might influence him in the future. It is not crazy to think that they might, but it is also not a given....
  2. Thread: HUNH Injuries

    by B1GTide

    Re: HUNH Injuries

    This sums up my view on the subject perfectly. We may never have evidence beyond our common sense, so we need to trust our common sense. HUNH leads to more plays per game, which leads to more...
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    Re: Thank you Tidefans . . . . .

    Great post, and I couldn't agree more. Awesome site!
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    Re: Our opening game opponent HC article

    No way to be sure with a new HC, but Whiskey tradition points in this direction, but with scrambling QB play. Wisconsin has never really played a pro set offense (at least, that I can remember).
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    News Article: Re: 2015 RB Xavian Marks Joins the Football Team

    In Kiffin's offense, a guy that fast can be really dangerous.
  6. Re: Will Calvin Ridley see much playing time at WR in 2015?

    JMO, but I think that any school that is required to offer a 4 year scholarship should get 4 years of play from the player. I get the right to leave early if schools can end scholarships, but when...
  7. News Article: Re: Saban Responds to Burress and Other Critics But Says He Won't be Silenced

    I agree - clearly the NFL would not have returned their draft projections that early. Saban may have told him that he thought that he would be a second round draft pick, but he would not have told...
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    Re: Agent funds multiple players at N Carolina

    That will never happen. If the NCAA grows strong again, they will once again begin to target the strongest programs while overlooking worse behavior from the smaller programs. I'd rather they just go...
  9. Re: tOSU's starting 22 would dominate Alabama's again this year.

    It's like being back in Columbus. Not sure why Bruce Feldman would be writing this other than to create controversy.
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    Re: Agent funds multiple players at N Carolina

    I like a toothless, whimpering NCAA. I hate this story because if enough schools go too far and are caught, public opinion will again sway in the direction of a stronger NCAA, and that is not good...
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    Re: Five most disrespected schools

    First, loved this:

    On to MSU - they have Prescott, but this guy doesn't know enough about their team to understand what they are losing (everyone else but Prescott). This guy's lack of knowledge...
  12. Link: Re: Opinion: Les Miles' Stance On Johnathan Taylor Is Hypocritical

    Just about every coach has one of these players in their past. Miles is just nuts enough to think that he can say something like this and not have those skeletons exposed.
  13. Re: Reporters Pick Auburn To Win SEC But Alabama To Win The West.....

    The good news - this will all be decided on the field.
  14. Re: 2015 SEC Media Days Thread (July 13 - July 16)

    Yeah, but Saban's mantra is and always has been that only players with a first round draft grade should leave early - and Plaxico says that Saban told him that he got a second round draft grade. The...
  15. Re: 2015 SEC Media Days Thread (July 13 - July 16)

    Plaxico seems to be saying that Saban lied to him on several fronts, his draft projection (presumably to get him to stay for his senior year ) and about Saban staying before he left for the LSU job....
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