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  1. Re: Current Head Coaches' Records Against Top-25 Teams While at Major-Conference Scho

    I wondered the same thing when I first started looking. Maybe with a large enough sample size it doesn't make a big difference but I doubt it. The reason I doubt is because one team may have more...
  2. Re: I'm Heading Out To Go Watch My Old High School Football Team Scrimmage Game Tonig

    Went to my son's game (coaches middle school) last night and couldn't believe the almost October-ish weather. I hadn't thought much at all about the start of college football and Bama's first game...
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    Re: SEC Games on ESPN's Super Tuesday

    This has to be the fewest number of Kentucky games on Tuesday ever. It always seems automatic that UK is on Tuesday ESPN.
  4. Link: Re: More Digging by USAToday Reporter Leads to Uncovering Another Jameis Winston Inci

    Did he have a hunting license?
  5. Re: Bama Is A 7-5 Vegas Favorite To Win The SEC. Auburn Is 5-1.

    I am confused. Auburn did win it last year.
  6. Link: Re: Big Mouth Spurrier carries it a bit further...

    I can hardly ever figure out what point Spurrier is trying to make with many of his statements and I'm not convinced that he is trying to cut down Coach Saban. He is correct though, with Bama's...
  7. Re: Clint Trickett will be starting QB for West Virginia

    Has Coker been declared the starter?
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    Re: T.D. Moto

    I hope LSU wants him. I can't remember seeing a defensive lineman at LSU that I wouldn't want to have a Bama.
  9. News Article: Re: Tony Brown's Mom: "He's Going to do Whatever He has to do to Start"

    Worth quoting:

    "She [his mother] added that he has a 3.4 GPA after a semester and he hopes to graduate in 2.5 years with 17 college credits earned while in high school under his belt."
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    Re: 2014 Roster announced

    A lot of new faces for a team that only had one senior last season. I'm looking for points from Randolph, Tarrant, and Hale...and Coach Grant. I'm tired of the inside players getting muscled around...
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    Link: Re: Tennessee a Toxic Program

    I've thought all along that Martin underacheived with the talent UT had. Also, I don't know how well his recruiting went but I don't think the main players the last couple of years were not his...
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    Re: Official NCAA Tournament Thread

    Same here. I wanted them to lose yesterday but I find myself drifting towards pulling for them tomorrow vs UCONN. Somebody help me!
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    Re: Polls and NCAA Basketball

    Interesting point. The teams build up their standings early in the season with tournaments and out-of-conference games. Some teams improve more than others over the course of the season so their...
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    Re: Pookie Powell/Cat Barber News

    TV news reported he is staying at Memphis afterall.
  15. Re: Is it just me, or has news out of Spring Camp been Exceptionally sparse?

    It is pretty quiet. I'm still waiting for Coach Saban to release the 2-deep roster.
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