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  1. Link: Re: Greg McElroy breaks down Auburn's offense

    you dont think the players and coaching staff 'want' to win the iron bowl? do they not live in-state????

    I cannot fathom any scenario where the coaches or players dont go into the iron bowl...
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    If you comapre it to what the GAmecocks have done prior to SOS, it becomes a little more impressive. Just like what Jammes Franklin did at just cant ignore the fact thats its harder to...
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    Link: Re: Saban on Cam Robinson

    Im guessing that if Cam Robinson starts, the coaches think he'll give up less negative plays and sacks thhan the next best option....maybe he's just that good.
  4. Re: Undrafted: List of Players of Note signing UDFA deals

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    Link: Re: List of Basketball Transfers

    I think he wants both; warm weather WITH beaches...
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    Re: No love for Bama softball?

    So glad that UofA came to thier senses and decided to pay him for his superior performance...
  7. Re: Will Bama sign another RB in the 2015 class?

    After the haul we had in 2014, not much to fret about there either...:)
  8. Re: Comcast Creates Fake SEC Fan Website to Fight SEC Network

    add a little old lady crying she wont be able to afford to see her grandson play ALONG WITH the double taxation bit....and people will run to throw tea into the harbor...
  9. Link: Re: SEC Presidents Vote to Keep 8 Game Schedule

    this is not a really good argument to make.

    If auburn were in the ACC, then yes, we'd be playing a tough OOC each and every year, even if they were 'in state'. they would belong to a top five...
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    Link: Re: Source: Chad Lindsay To Buckeyes

    fans can second guess anything they want, as long as its done in the right manner. I dont agree with all decisions, and may not agree with the starters the coaches select. I think everyone...
  11. News Article: Re: Luke Del Rio Opens Up About His Transfer

    wow, sounds like you were there during the fall and spring...
    great inside info on the real scoop of why Luke Del Rio decided to transfer.
    ...he was behind Sims bateman, and then with coker coming...
  12. Re: Webb-McCarron wedding to be reality show


    I dont have time to watch a TV show about someone else's life...It's enough for me to worry about the life I'm living.

    To each their of luck to them in marriage and life.
  13. Re: UGA's Newest Recruiting Tactic: Drawn Portraits of the Recruit

    I actually think its a pretty creative way to get their attention.
  14. Re: Chad Lindsay

    How do we know that Chad Lindsey wouldnt have been Nuss second choice to get at michigan if he was able to pick between them?
  15. News Article: Re: Alabama basketball players defend Anthony Grant, support him moving forward


    You seriously think taht Tom Izzo is going to leave Michigan State?
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