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  1. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    I have plantar fasciitis, while it hurts and is annoying, it wouldn't keep me out of practice when the starting QB job at Alabama is in play. Ice, stretching, and 4 Advil at his age should suffice....
  2. Re: Hold on one second: Auburn trolls Alabama with 404 page

    exactly i hope they are still rejoicing in that play 5 years from now.
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    Re: Colts Waive Trent Richardson/ Signs with Raiders

    #66 missed a huge block as well.
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    Poll: Re: Most memorable win over Georgia

    There was a highlight video from the blackout game that started out black and white, then when Julio catches a TD pass it goes to color and the beat down commences. I've searched everywhere and I...
  5. Re: Ohio State Suspends Four Players for Season Opener Against Va Tech

    They are all over the news today, lol
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    Re: How Close was Saban to Coaching Texas

    In one sentence, he was coming to Texas, but the next sentence, he never got an offer from Texas

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    Re: recruiting in Houston

    I seem to remember one being about contact during a dead period
  8. Re: Excuse or Concern? Saban's Comments About NFL Draft

    I agree with you and also 9 times out of 10 he has a reason to say what he says. He eats the exact same thing everyday so that he doesn't have to waste time picking or having to think of something...
  9. Re: FSU QB De'Andre Johnson suspended indefinitely; source says he punched woman

    If you are CCW in a bar in Florida, you aren't carrying legally.
  10. Re: FSU QB De'Andre Johnson suspended indefinitely; source says he punched woman

    Isn't this kid 19? I'm sure he was ordering a Sprite...
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    Re: Alabama and FSU to open 2017 season in Atlanta

    They also tore down flags and signs all through Bryant Denny I think that was 2007
  12. Re: New Alabama secondary coach Mel Tucker knows the expectations in Tuscaloosa

    you can't deny, his career has deflated just a bit since then though :)
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    Re: Bama vs Ole Miss time announced

    While noon and 330 games are fun, its SOOOOOOO hot at the games a night game like this will be quite refreshing
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    Link: Re: New Toomer oak already dying...

    State tree of Georgia, hrmmmmmmm
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    Re: Players Impressed with Coach Saban's New Car

    Owns interest in. car dealerships don't actually pay for the cars until they are sold, they just pay interest to the car manufacturer while they are on the lot
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