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  1. Re: Duron Carter near deal with Indianapolis Colts

    FWIW, he tore it up in the CFL up here the last couple of years...
  2. Re: 32 years ago today...1/26/83

    I was in my law school dorm room, where I had an SI cover featuring Coach Bryant up on my bulletin board.

    Even tho back in those pre-Internet days Alabama felt so far away, I still remember the...
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    Re: Alabama Wins Iron Cup Again.

    Good Lord one of the reasons I've sooooooo enjoyed following Alabama football over the years is because it's SUCH a nice diversion from the hockey craziness which surrounds me up here.

    So now...
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    Question: Re: Thoughts on the 2015 Offensive Line

    Sorry RTO, but you definitely need to buy a vowel... :wink:
  5. Link: Re: Patriots' Trick Play That Got John Harbaugh Mad &That's Similar To Bama's Trick

    Now there is a guy who unquestionably does not need to buy a vowel...
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    Re: RB Damien Harris commits to

    As they say up here, that one went in from the blue line...
  7. Re: Anybody else watching Trent Richardson's NFL career go down the drain?

    Man, what I wouldn't give to suffer from that affliction...
  8. Re: Dismissed UGA football player to take official visit to Alabama

    Reed is leaving early?
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    Re: Braxton Miller and Alabama have "mutual interest"

    As was the case w Coker, it's my understanding that once you've graduated, you can transfer immediately, and enroll in a Master's program...

    Mind you, I believe there may have been a more robust...
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    Re: Braxton Miller and Alabama have "mutual interest"

    Yes, but maybe he doesn't want his tires slashed...
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    Re: Braxton Miller and Alabama have "mutual interest"

    Plus, you can't help but wonder where Robin fits into all this...
  12. Re: Wow! FSU players returned home from loss to keyed cars, slashed tires

    You, Sir, just won the Internet for today...
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    Re: 2015 Will Bring even more question marks than 2014

    I stand to be corrected, but I believe I may have seen a reference in another thread to a tweet from Chase Goodbread about Reggie having had told him that he got a "nice little grade" from the NFL...
  14. Re: Are coaches Saban and Smart outsmarting themselves on defense?


    Even when we were up, I did not sense that we were controlling the game, putting together long, clock-eating drives...

    We all know what it feels like when our boys have...
  15. Re: Post Season - Pre Spring Practice "Who's Gonna Be the QB Next Year" Thread

    Wow, I had been unaware that he had even been considering it.

    Or that there had been any discussion of it...

    Also, IIRC, he had injured his knee in his senior season coming out of high...
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