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  1. Re: Is there a message being sent to the Big 12?

    what it tells me is that the big 12 needs to get 2 more teams and have a championship game. It also sends a message nto the ind teams that you need to get into a conference or your chances of getting...
  2. Question: Re: If we beat Auburn, will they replace Gus?

    gus is the best coach the barn can get. ellis J will be fired and they will bring in another def coord. Until the Barn realizes that you need a defense to win they will continue to be a 8-5 to 9-5...
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    Link: Re: Coaches Poll out

    Top 4 look okay to me I agree CSU should be rated higher they would beat quite a few of the teams ahead of them
  4. Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly MSU style

    good: Sims and the defense

    Bad: Our horrible 3rd qtr play in almost all of our games we haven't been very good in the 3rd qtr

    Ugly: not to much place kicking may fall in this
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    Re: Mizzou or GA in the SECCG

    I don't care which one we play. It really doesn't matter unless we beat the Barn. That is the game I am most concerned about.
  6. Re: Week 1 College football playoff poll released

    I don't have a problem with the 1st ratings except that Oregon is rated ahead of us. As some one else said if we win out we should be in. An Ole Miss loss against the Barn would really help. I think...
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    Re: CFN Bama vs Aggies

    It may be time to get coker in on a few series. He has the threat of a real good deep ball and that will open a&m up for the run
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    Re: A moment of clarity after this loss

    the problem is we don't have a Tebow on this team to make that speech
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    Re: Les Miles' future in Whoville

    Michigan may just get harbaugh it seems his days at SF are numbered. He has been a winner every place he has been and would be a great hire for Michigan.
  10. Re: Dantonio has lost my respect - Playoff Comments

    the bcs got it right almost all the time. I agree with some of the other posters that the top 4 teams in the bcs formula should be in the playoffs. almost every year the top four in the bcs were the...
  11. Link: Re: Strong is cleaning house at Texas. Kicks 9th player off team.

    I like what he is doing at Texas. If they just give him time he will have them winning again. He is removing the cancer from the team and starting to get his type players it will take awhile but he...
  12. Re: Lane Kiffen as O-Coordinator - your opinion

    Kiffen doing a great job so far. I really like his play calling. keeps the other defense off balance most of the time y ...
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    Re: Terrible Night for the Big Ten!

    Meyer will be heading to a local hospital soon
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    Question: Re: Is the ACC better than the BIG 10,11,12?

    Big 10 is a mess and has been that way for awhile. In my opinion the pac 12 is the second best behind the SEC. They have some good teams. Sure the bottom part isn't very good but all the conferences...
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    Game Thread Re: Va Tech vs Ohio State

    really happy to see urban cryer beat. big10 is really sorry this year
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