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    Question: Re: AJ meeting with NFL teams.

    Yes...he said that AJ was under the radar for no good reason. He can throw well...makes all the throws...understands defenses, makes calls, etc. JG did say that if you wanted a QB to run around, AJ...
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    Clemson QB Injured

    DeShaun Watson was injured in a live scrimmage...out for the Spring. Just last week DS was bragging about how much they benefited from having QB's go live during the Spring. I wonder what he thinks...
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    Poll: Re: Who will be the surprise senior?

    I am going with Nick Perry for reasons above...but I do think Sims will produce better than some think. I also would choose Dickson but our DE's have been strong.
  4. News Article: Re: Nick Saban: Leon Brown 'Probably a guy That'll be in the Best Five Guys' on OL

    OK..I'll bite. We may see at least 1 starter from last year on the bench this year. "Starting over" implies a whole lot -- and a lot of players have been moved around this spring. I do think that...
  5. Re: The Kissing Congressman Story Gets Seedier

    Beware of any politician/business person who runs/plays on his supposed Christian faith. They are using Christianity and are unethical from the start. If a person is a follower of Jesus Christ it...
  6. News Article: Re: Amari Cooper Credits Lane Kiffin's Offense as Reason Behind His Big Scrimmage

    As I understand it, the concept is called "throwing your man open." It involves trust by the qb that the receiver will make the proper read and cut. IMHO, AJM seemed to do this less and less as he...
  7. News Article: Re: Amari Cooper Credits Lane Kiffin's Offense as Reason Behind His Big Scrimmage

    To restate the obvious: if you look at our stats from the National Championship years, our defense spent far less time on the field than other top teams. We defended less plays because our offense...
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    Re: Mizzou suspends DGB

    Years ago Lou Holtz told a running back at USCeast -- "Either you will be filling the stadiums or sweeping them out." Sadly, he's doing the latter...
  9. Question: Re: Comparison UConn basketball/Bama football

    I don't know enough about UConn's men's coach, Kevin Ollie, to judge. He seems to be outstanding but needs the test of time. I will say that after listening to John Calipari -- at the risk of being...
  10. News Article: Re: Amari Cooper Credits Lane Kiffin's Offense as Reason Behind His Big Scrimmage

    Really great athletes do not need a complicated system -- their ability can carry them. Lesser athletes need a system in order to compete. Successful coaches know this and vary the complexity of...
  11. Link: Re: Report: Alabama athletic revenues higher than all 30 NHL teams, most NBA teams

    Because they have not won a National Title recently...or 3 for that matter. We are the headliner in college football -- whether we like it or not.
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    Link: Re: Alabama QB Target Jauan Jennings Set to Announce on April 7

    Good for them...but it takes more than a qb. They have a couple of good ones right now, if I remember correctly.
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    Re: Altee TenPenny in trouble with the law

    Probably one of the better observations in the history of Tidefans. Environment, i.e., culture, determine a lot -- just about everything at the age of late teens, early 20's. Trying to get a young...
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    Re: CB Eddie Jackson suffers knee injury...

    All of us have moments for which we need grace! Yes, he blew it...but I have found that the forgiven sinner is the most loyal and most appreciative. He who is without sin...
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    Re: Saban names Top 3 QBs based on Scrimmage

    Whoever wins the job, I do not think that QB will make or break us next year. OL and DB are a much bigger concern. :)
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