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  1. Re: Former Alabama player Bobby Greenwood in the US Army

    No idea on military ranks, but I'm pretty sure Greenwood graduated from UA with a degree in business.
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    Re: Which 2015's will have immediate impact?

    Let's start on a more fundamental level with the definition of "immediate impact," which I'll loosely define as receiving some meaningful snaps in crunch time of meaningful games.

    Two further...
  3. Re: If we beat Ohio State, who do you want to see us play?

    From a competitive standpoint, getting Oregon would be the far easier match-up for Alabama. That was the case before the Ekpre-Olomu injury, and it's even more the case now in his absence.

  4. Re: JUCO DT DJ Jones Update (FSU Commit)

    Guess this is one of those "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" situations.

    This one is as big of a surprise as most of their haul in 2012.
  5. Re: Shane Youngblood Tweets a Good Question About Future Bama Recruiting

    Not really anything up for the debate at that moment. Clearly Saban has de-emphasized recruiting prospects from the State of Mississippi, with a few notable exceptions here and there. Perhaps that...
  6. Re: Anybody watching Ala-Miss All Star Game?....

    You're misreading that.

    MSU always has a tremendous amount of kids from both MS and AL (which is one reason why they routinely give both us and Auburn such a big fight, despite always being...
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    Re: So Muschamp is in. Realistic expectations?

    I've said it in other places on this forum, but I'll reiterate again here:

    Auburn can have a solid defensive turnaround next season, provided they get the injury luck needed. There is some real...
  8. Re: Bama offers 2014 QB Jarrett Stidham

    Don't know exactly where Stidham ends up, though it doesn't surprise me the least that he de-committed from Texas Tech, but it won't be at Alabama. We would have probably taken him earlier in the...
  9. Re: Report: Florida Gators to hire MSU's Geoff Collins as defensive coordinator

    Mullen blows more smoke than anyone else in the SEC, and there is no reason to think he would stop with his DC leaving.

    This coming from a program that self-dubbed Collins as the "Minister of...
  10. Re: Report: Florida Gators to hire MSU's Geoff Collins as defensive coordinator

    Not a shocking hire in a lot of ways, even if not an overly impressive one. Collins has spent a lot of time as a coach in the state of Florida, and although his tenure at Alabama didn't really...
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    Re: 2014-2015 Coaching Carousel

    That move will hurt MSU far more than it will help Florida. Specific coaches aside, Florida is still Florida and they will always get a lot of top recruits based solely on that alone, but obviously...
  12. Re: Matt Womack

    On Womack, he has the length to flex over and play LT, but I don't believe that's the intention here. He plays RT in high school, and I think ideally we'll try to turn him into our traditional...
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    Re: How many spots do we have left?

    A Johnson flip in that scenario, I think, could be a real possibility, but that's really just all speculation on my part. For the time being, Harris is our intended target at RB, and as long as we...
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    Re: So Muschamp is in. Realistic expectations?

    Muschamp will do well at Auburn. His defenses have always been good, and there is no real reason to expect any different now. He has some decent talent at his disposal for 2015, even if little depth,...
  15. Re: Ohio State's Braxton Miller to LSU would turn the SEC upside down

    Obviously I've got nothing against Miller and wish him well, but I do think it should be added that shoulder injuries, such as the one that derailed his season, are very serious matters and are...
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