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    Re: Tony Nathan now a graduate

    It did say after all that he was from Miami so I assumed it was him as well. The parents who received their child's degree posthumously had me broken up but the whole coliseum gave them a very...
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    Re: And now Jonathan Taylor....again

    It is always easy to be critical in hindsight but I am sure there are a ton of kids who made the most of a second chance and done well. This kid blew his chance plain and simple.
  3. Re: DE / LB CeCe Jefferson Commits to Florida (Update: Page 3; Still Has Not Signed)

    He proabably needs a bit more attention since he didn't get enough from changing colors every single day, trolling on Twitter, etc. I mean...can you imagine the withdrawals a kid would go through...
  4. Re: DE / LB CeCe Jefferson Commits to Florida

    I do not know all the details obviously. I do know what I see. He has certainly enjoyed the recruiting process to the fullest extent and seems to troll a different fan base on a daily basis. It...
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    Re: The Final Push: Where We Stand 2/2

    So I take it there is no site that like streams the commitments online now? Like the university did it not long ago post fax cam girl. Sigh. Those were the days.
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    Re: Memphis punishes brawlers

    Suspended from practice.....really? Boy that hurts. Practice!
  7. WR K.J. Hill Decommits From Arkansas Following Official Visit to Alabama

    Visited Bama this weekend.
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    Re: Kenny Hill (Texas A&M QB) asks for release

    Well I have seen Murray play QB for Allen for years now and that guy is the real deal so I do not see Trill hitting the field for the balance of his career at aTm.
  9. Re: One year eligibile transfers potentially hurts program

    ​it sure has negatively impacted Kentucky in basketball. This year's team is awful.
  10. Re: Braxton Miller and Alabama have "mutual interest"

    Does the SEC allow kids to transfer with only one year of eligibility? I thought they had to have two before being allowed.
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    Re: So Who Wins It? Oregon Or Ohio State?

    Well I thought after watching Oregon dismantle FSU that they would mop the field with us so I will say Oregon and it will not even be close.
  12. JessN: Re: Ohio State recap: Tide may have even more changes to make

    Great analysis Jess. I do think we got too cute but Blake just had a poor outing. Lane did a good job all year game planning around Blake's more limited passing ability but Ohio State did a...
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    Game Thread Re: Rose Bowl: FSU vs Oregon

    well this is starting to get ugly now.
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    Game Thread Re: Rose Bowl: FSU vs Oregon

    If FSU is going to start this come back thing, they prolly should start now before it is too late.
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    Game Thread Re: Outback Bowl

    Here is an interesting stat. Auburn is 0 - 2 vs. teams this year that lost 59 to 0!!
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