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    Re: JT Barrett, Ex-GF allege abuse

    Not as uncommon as many may think for young couples that age.
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    Link: Re: Wikipedia says Muschamp is the DC

    Nick Saban - Daddy

    Gotta be true if it's on................:smile:
  3. Re: What UGA did against the Barn VS what we can do

    I didn't know Gurley had that much. It was Richardsons Heisman year that the barn held him down.
  4. Re: What UGA did against the Barn VS what we can do

    Auburn is very good at taking away your best runner, They held Gurley in check like they did Richardson. We need another runningback to step it up.

    They will run more read option than against UGA...
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    Link: Re: Story on Andrew Zow and his time at Bama

    The very 1st pass against LSU I saw him throw almost went for a long TD. He had a great arm . Dubose fired Bruce Arians who was twice the coach "DuBose" was.

    What may have been if the coaching...
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    Re: Blake Sims, the zone read and Jake Coker

    It could be we are going yo use it more the next sew games. I don't want to use it at the risk of less tries to Cooper.

    Maybe we could incorporate the pop pass with it.
  7. Link: Re: Herbstreit On Mike & Mike Talking About Changing The Rules Against The HUNH Offen

    I like the idea. Most teams never snap the ball that quick anyway, they just line up and wait.

    When asked how he would change the game Herbstreit said he'd implement a 10 second rule so...
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    Re: Bama better with Lane Kiffin or worse?

    Some were predicting Alabama.:eek2:


    Just read your post.

    What happened to Applewhite?
  9. Re: Kurt Freitag caught with 112 grams of marijuana and $4,600, but not arrested

    I'd hope if any student or player that had evidence another student or player was committing this type of crime that is detrimental to the program, would be concerned enough to help the...
  10. Link: Re: Something to many you laugh from football today

    Mora showed much restraint and control. A big hissy fit from the DC does not help formulate the next strategic move required by one of your coordinators needed for proper game management. Nor would...
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: New Ebola thread reset...

    Troubling. Meanwhile the freelance reporter being treated in Nebraska is still there's that.
  12. Re: Florida True Freshman QB Treon Harris Suspended

    Latest news is the tweets were spin, that after review have been deleted. I don't know anything about the incident.
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    Re: Kiffin Or Smart As Possible Head Coach

    I'm still as sure as all others it's gonna be Major Applewhite.

    Are some of you serious?

    I guess I should not click these threads, but it's like watching a retarded person win a game of...
  14. Link: Re: 'Beat Up Like a Drum' Hiring Kiffin, Saban Says Relationship Has 'Never Been Bad'

    Suggesting a change? Mullin just beat LSU and plays Auburn hard most years.

    Personally I'm good with Saban in charge.
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    Re: Lane Kiffen as O-Coordinator - your opinion

    I see no reason he wont stay 3 years or more.
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