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    News Article: Re: Luke Del Rio Opens Up About His Transfer

    I think FSU was obliged to start JW even if it was a tie.
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    News Article: Re: Luke Del Rio Opens Up About His Transfer

    A scholarship counts against the 85 even if he does not play. I believe that's how the numbers would work, while he would not count if he doesn't play as a walk on.

    If that is correct he basically...
  3. Re: Congratulation to AJ and Katherine! They are engaged!

    Well, Bret did start a little controversy that threw her into the limelight. It was the 1st time many people had ever heard her name or viewed her image. It's hard for many pretty girls to get that...
  4. Re: Deadspin Article on UNC Athlete's Final Paper

    I get very nervous when things like grades in classes specifically designed to keep the athlete from failing in college are discussed as if our University is immune to the same thing.

    Until an...
  5. JessN: View Post

    The pace will depend somewhat on home field. The refs will pace faster at the HUNH's home field then they will at the huddle up home field.

    I truly believe Saban wants his packages to be ready...
  6. JessN: View Post

    Bumping. This Flop was part of the gameplan, and had been rehearsed. I can't remember us using this tactic although I may have missed it.
  7. JessN: View Post

    This says it all.

    This year under Malzahn against Arkansas, with Ark. on the...
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    Re: Eddie Lacy wins AP Rookie of the Year

    When he was recruited there were several of our recruiting gurus who predicted great things for Eddy. They were on the mark. He was a difference maker for Bama down the stretch and because of depth...
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    Re: DT Matt Elam Commits to Kentucky

    He seemed spot on from the very beginning. It's obvious he had good info and never really tried to act like some inside guru, just close to the action on this one kid.

    If he caught greef for it...
  10. Re: Paul Finebaum - Describe the man in one word.

    I wondered how long until entertainer was used. That is what he is after all.
  11. Re: LaMichael Fanning will transfer to Jacksonville State

    I could never understand why we wasted a scholarship on him. It reaffirms Auburn and many other teams could clearly see bust as clear as day while our coaches were going after a kid they should have...
  12. Re: Let's discuss Bama's 2014 quarterback situation.

    My frustration is not aimed at you RTR91. The point I was trying to make was those that feel LDR or any other QB on our roster would be a better fit at QB next year does not make them anti-Sims.
  13. Re: Let's discuss Bama's 2014 quarterback situation.

    He definitely called out some as being anti-Sims. Why in the world anyone would be against any player on the team is beyond me. I heard way too much of that kind of crap years ago when Dubose was...
  14. Re: Let's discuss Bama's 2014 quarterback situation.

    It'd be great if yhe defense could allow the pressure to be on that side of the ball.

    Sims has done what the coaches have asked and seems to want a chance to lead the team he's been a part of for...
  15. Re: Found an ancient treasure---my Sugar Bowl tix from the 73 game v. Notre Dame!

    My dad brought me a program from that game. I remember it had a Mardi Gras doubloon glued to the front.

    Dad is still around but sometimes will think a replay is the real game, and just can't...
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