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    Re: Dillon Lee Arrested for DUI

    That's because you are great. All people aren't great. Kid broke the law; he has to pay the penalty because he got caught. Hopefully it will turn him from the path he is on. If not, something worse...
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    Re: Webb-McCarron wedding to be reality show

    I know AJ is comfortable in his own skin, but I can't see any benefit in this at all. Has to be for his wife's career they made this decision. If so, he just needs to be low key, which will make for...
  3. JessN: Re: Spring analysis: Seven big questions facing the 2014 team

    I agree; we need smarter players on the line.
  4. News Article: Re: Amari Cooper Credits Lane Kiffin's Offense as Reason Behind His Big Scrimmage

    I worry about Kiffin's offense. Maybe with the horses Bama has it will be great; I hope so, but I can't shake the games I watched when USC was pathetic and looked incompetent in play calling and...
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    Question: Re: How can Blake Sims be used?

    Blake Sims may surprise us all and lead us to a NC. He does not appear to be a NC qb. That is why Coker was brought in. There will be a competition. The coaches do not know who will win it. Sims may...
  6. Re: My Take on Bruce Pearl

    Heard somebody say on the radio that Pearl in his first Sec media days after he took the Tenn. job met Herb Winches for his first interview with only his bathing suit on. Herb couldn't believe it....
  7. Re: Presumptive depth chart based on the roster...

    Well, Bama looks pretty dang good to me. People are kind of down on Yeldon, but he is a very good back. Henry is just so fast; hard to imagine him not playing a lot. I am more excited about the...
  8. Re: Basketball - Alabama Set To Open SEC Tournament Against LSU Thursday Night

    Have from a reliable source bama has 43 percent change to win; my nine year old. He called most of the football games accurately except Auburn; gave bama a 96 change of winning.
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    Link: Re: Awbarn axes Tony Barbee

    I agree with the firing; who they get will be an issue for them. Not that anyone cares.
  10. Link: Re: Reporting Rolando Planning a Comeback

    Reading your posts about human nature, I have often thought you were quite right. I also hope you are wrong in this case
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    Link: Re: Nick Saban at #5 on Coaches Hot Seat list

    Need the guy with the laugh at Auburn to react to this
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    JessN: Re: Looking back at the Class of 2009

    I really appreciate this work. When you follow recruiting, it is very interesting to see what became of the young men who were projected and then see how they ended up. Thanks for what you do Jess
  13. Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    I have followed Bama basketball all my life. I can honestly say this is the first year I have literally missed some games in the sense that I did not even see the score until a couple of days had...
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    Link: Re: Baylor's New On Campus Stadium

    It looks good, but it is too small. If you want to be mediocre, don't build a new stadium; if you want to compete, build a larger one. Winning attracts people. Build to win. At least it should have...
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    Re: Dee Ford V.s. Jadeveon Clowney:

    Dee Ford is aggressive; but limited. Clowney is freakish. He is worth the gamble. However, no doubt Ford might end up the better producer; he wants it more it seems; but I would place my money on...
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