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  1. Re: More people exercising their open carry rights?

    I recall a great story from when some piece of the open carry law passed in another state. A relative of one of my friends strapped on his gun & went boldly around town running errands openly...
  2. Link: Re: PETA : Wants Jeffery Dahmer's Home To Be Turned Into A Vegan Restaurant

    Now, now...I'm a big fan of the organization whose initials stand for "People Eating Tasty Animals." (Wait; that is what "PETA" stands for, right?)
  3. Re: Jackson, Mississippi Mayoral Candidate Gwendolyn Chapman "In Her Own Words"

    Nah, this is the Jackson election. There's a slim chance they still actually have a valid election process. If she were running here in H'burg, you could vote multiple times in the same precinct...
  4. Re: April 2: National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

    My preference is grape jelly, but strawberry is a VERY close 2nd. Apple's good if one doesn't have any grape or strawberry around.

    Related: Anyone besides me still eat Peanut Butter crackers for...
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    Re: At long last...

    After only 70 years, Abbot & Costello prove to be prophetic. ;)
  6. Re: Former Alabama Senator Jeremiah Denton has died


    By chance, his was the P.O.W. bracelet I had back in the day.

    Lots of people talk about courage. Mr. Denton, Day, Alvarez, et al. totally redefined the word in ways that boggle the...
  7. Link: Re: Greg McElroy on his SEC Network role, being critical of Alabama

    I'd love to be this optimistic about our fanbase, but I'm fully anticipating that your optimism will be misplaced. <sigh>
    "Did you hear what Gmac said? Why, he implied that OU scored more points...
  8. Re: Is it possible that we have been visited by Aliens?

    As noted philosopher Calvin (the boy in Calvin & Hobbes, not the protestant reformation one) once noted, "Seems to me that the surest sign of intelligent life in the universe is that none of it has...
  9. Re: FWIW, If I Could Talk With Coach Saban About the Pace of Play Debate

    I'm telling! A loyal AU fan said something non-negative about Coach Saban. :biggrin2:
    What BamaMoon said, AUTigers001.

    I asked one of the locals who was whining about Coach Saban's approach to...
  10. Re: La Crosse, Wisconsin: Where Everybody Talks About Death

    Had an onsite job interview back in the 80s. Very strange, mostly because the interviewer's deeply-rooted racism came through in a very matter-of-fact manner. I think he figured since I was coming...
  11. Link: Re: Houses wrecked repeatedly by sea rebuilt with taxes (Flood insurance on risky hom

    C'mon, more tolerant! Surely you can't expect people to spell words correctly. That suggests that there's a right & a wrong way to do it, which could damage some the self-esteem of those of...
  12. Re: How to best live below your means? (Advice to the younger generations)

    A huge point by way of "here's an important background thought": It is NOT about your income level! Say it again, young folks: it is NOT about your income level. Saying the same thing in other...
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    Re: Great Humorous Quote--Joe Namath

    I heard about that one a while back. Been chuckling at it for a long time now. Thanks for the reminder, & thus for another chuckle. :)
  14. Link: Re: "Dead" Man Wakes Up In Body Bag At Funeral Home

    Can't help but think of Monty Python's "Search for the Holy Grail" when the guy on the "Bring out yer dead" trailer, says "I'm not dead yet!"
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    As it says in Scripture, Do unto others before they do unto you. (Book of Hesitations)

    Take the bull by the hand, lead it to water, & never mix cliches.
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