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  1. Re: What did you learn from the Thursday night games you watched? (My seven things)

    I learned that the A&M offensive coordinator was an assistant at West Virginia. Interesting.
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    Link: Re: New Playoff Committee bias

    Pundits have bragged about how the BCS usually got it right. If they simply added teams 3 and 4, they surely would have gotten it right.
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    Re: CB Marlon Humphrey Updates (Page 15)

    Since we didn't get Tabor, wonder if that will have any effect on Humphrey?
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    Re: ****Bama Vs. OU Postgame Thread****

    I don't know of any D1 teams that can overcome 28 points off of turnovers against a good team. Our turnovers beat us. Change any one of the first three turnovers and the game changes. Thus, we...
  5. Question: Re: Did you have a certain feeling we were going to lose the Auburn game?

    I was having that feeling during the very first drive, and then really had that feeling after the missed FG. The feeling was confirmed when we went three and out with the motion penalty on the...
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    Re: What does the future hold?

    May depend on what happens with coaches, like Kirby.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. The Barn - PostGame Thread****

    This. Didn't see him in the second half.
  8. Thread: He is risen!

    by bamaltc

    Re: He is risen!

    AMEN and AMEN!
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    Re: BCS DVD released today

    I recorded it in HD and 3D. I've re-watched both and it's a totally different experience with the 3D. No matter what the format, I still get the same JOY!
  10. Re: Four Bama football players arrested...

    They can't .... What if someone tried to say that God was accountable for men's sin. That would be absurd. He set the standard, communicated the standard, and left it up to men to follow the...
  11. Re: College football playoff selection process already screwed up...

    It's not an argument, it's an example. I obviously failed to clearly make my point. FBS doesn't have to have a 16 team playoff exactly like Division II for it to be legit. I'm just using Division...
  12. Re: College football playoff selection process already screwed up...

    It is already being done with 16 teams in Division II. If it's too hard on the athletes, it should be eliminated in Division II. The championship is won on the field.

    Here's the Division II...
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    Re: The virtues of greyshirting

    This........ the timing of the greyshirt conversation with the recruit is the critical element, IMHO.
  14. Link: Re: SI article implies that Bama football players used illegal substances (S.W.A.T.S.

    Why would a player participate in making a video like this?
  15. Link: Re: SI article implies that Bama football players used illegal substances (S.W.A.T.S.

    Has anyone ever even seen the so-called Alex Watkins YouTube testimonial?
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