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  1. Question: Re: Is Ole Miss bad enough to lose 3 games this year?

    If ole miss drops another sec game and bama wins out bama wins the west. Or if a three way tie happens and bama is ranked higher, bama wins the west
  2. Crime Blotter: Re: Five UGA Players Listed in Athens-Clarke County Police Report

    Nothing good happens in a Chilis.
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    Re: Who wins, Auburn or Miss St?

    Miss state but closer than most of us would like it. I'm waiting for aubie to rebound at some point. But they should continue to struggle with the run game
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    Re: Should "fluke" plays be blown dead?

    Absolutely not. If the balls in play the balls in play. Removing luck from the game would be ridiculous, boring and ineffective. If not for some fluke plays or lucky bounces we wouldn't have made the...
  5. Link: Re: Injury will Force Alabama to Play 3 Freshmen Defensive Backs in Dime Package

    I sort of feel Harrison's time was coming at some point anyway this season maybe he'll give us a more physical presence in the secondary
  6. Re: Amari Copper involved with Pac man Jones

    We may should consider changing the title?
  7. Re: Another HS Football Official assaulted in Texas

    Those two don't compare. This is heat of the moment the other was malicious. Not approving of either just saying there is a clear difference, this wasn't criminal or assault like the other one.
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    Re: So ... Quarterbacks

    I think we keep starting Coker. The staff was trying to challenge him for a bit with the play calling yesterday. Eventually the game plan changed back to what it will normally be (heavy doses of...
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    Re: Derrick Henry vs Middle Tennessee

    Unless Harris plays the whole second half Henry may play longer than we may like. Rb roster is a bit thin.
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    If you didn't notice improvements in the secondary you're a fool. Fitzpatrick is a true freshman and had some issues with it. Coverage issues were the lbs responsibilities. Deep balls all very well...
  11. Re: CNS comment on QB last night on Hey Coach

    We open in a wild cat formation. Derrick Henry will be our starting qb. Just to mess with fans
  12. Re: Kevin Norwood released by Seahawks

    Officially he was traded is what I'm reading
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    Link: Re: Trent's gone per Scout

    He also played long enough to make the nfl pension.
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    Re: Auburn winning the west?

    West is kind of open. Lsu is as weak as ever under the hat, the miss schools are as dangerous as ever and Arkansas is gonna ruin somebody's season, maybe ours, maybe auburns, maybe both but...
  15. Former Oregon state WR comits to bama

    Per his Twitter he's bama bound

    should be a big help next season he was almost an 800 yrd wr in 2013
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