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    Re: Blake present and Blake future...

    I've wondered how close the guys that are leaving get with incoming recruits. The other day Greg McElroy acted as if he didn't know Curt Frietag at all, which sort of surprised me. I know they...
  2. JessN: Re: Texas A&M wrap-up: Seriously, where did this come from?

    Ha! The title cracks me up!
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    Importance of the Texas A&M Game

    I know that with us having 1 loss, every game from this point on is important. However, I think the A&M game is the most important game remaining on the schedule. With some of the injuries we have,...
  4. Re: Gameplans against Texas A and M (Keep it Positive and clean)

    The only change to the line up that I would like to see is possibly giving D. Jackson a chance at right guard. I know that he is not polished at a pass blocker, but he appears to excel at run...
  5. Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    I think I remember seeing Pettway turn an ankle while giving chase to Allen on the play that he got dinged up. If I remember correctly (I had a few adult beverages during the game) ESPN showed a...
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    Re: Better Half - Coaches Wives

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    Re: Bama "Fan" DisOwns The Tide On Video

    I was waiting on this response........
  8. JessN: Re: Arkansas preview: Razorbacks smell blood in the water as Bama comes to town

    I think this game is a good match up for the Tide. This is one of the few teams we will play that will basically line up and try to do the same things that we do. With that being said, Arky still...
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    Re: Being an alumni of the college="real fan"?

    I get the same thing from my Ole Miss friends all of the time. That's why the game this weekend is huge for me.....
  10. Re: CFN prognostication of Bama vs. Black Bear Rebels

    This game reminds me a bit of the 2008 Clemson game. Clemson, like Ole Miss, was strong in the skill positions but were not very strong on the line. I think the same held true on defense for them. ...
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    ND brought a knife to a gun fight that night!

    ND brought a knife to a gun fight that night!
  12. Re: Bye Week Practice Reports and Media Appearances

    I think you may be right. If I recall, DJ is solid in his run blocking but needed some time to polish his pass protection. I know one thing, on the one play I saw DJ in for with the first team (the...
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    Re: The Miss St evaluation thread.

    State will be without their starting center for the A&M game. He was suspended for stomping on 2 different LSU players. Serves him right....
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    Re: Cam Robinson appreciation thread

    At least for the Florida game he and Leon Brown seem to be the protectorate types. I noticed one play when Coker was in the game a UF D-lineman got a bit tangled up with Coker while he was trying to...
  15. Link: Re: Video: Mississippi State Center Stomps On Two Different LSU Players

    There is no place for that type of play. He's not playing to dominate his opponent, he's playing to injure them.....and there's a huge difference!
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