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    Link: Re: Baylor's New On Campus Stadium

    My son is a freshman at Baylor. This is going to be a really nice facility. It is small, but it is exactly what Baylor needs. Sudent body is about 10000, small private Baptist school. What they need...
  2. Re: Has anyone figured out how A&M can be a 3 point dog to Arkansas?

    Haha. Good one!
  3. Re: What if Manziel were to win the Heisman again, wonder if he would be

    Don't believe this is true. He did take classes online for awhile because he was such a distraction in class. I don't believe that's true anymore. I've actually heard he is a good student and ahead...
  4. Re: Confession time! Who else pitched a fit during the game?

    This is why I love the SEC and Alabama fans! Aggies are pretty much the same, we just don't have the t-shirt (non graduate) fan base in Texas, yet!
  5. JessN: Re: Texas A&M wrap-up: Alabama’s win makes no sense, from any angle

    Great article. The only thing I dissagree with is that we will be lucky to have a winning record with out Johnny. I'm not convinced that he's leaving this year either. If Philadelphia and their new...
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    Congrats on the win Bama!

    Now Get r done!
  7. Re: Share your experience if you went to College Station, please.

    Thanks for the comments, expected nothing less from my fellow Aggies though. One thing you Bama fans probably can't understand is how excited and grateful we are to now be a part of the SEC! You've...
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    Re: Who is going to Bama vs Texas A&M game?

    Another option would be Waco. Baylor has the week off so the hotels should be available. Fly into Dallas and drive to waco (2 hours) on I35. College Station is about 1-1/2 hours straight down hwy 6....
  9. Re: For those of you making the trip to College Station...........

    We get even louder if behind. We don't leave the stadium in masses either. If we lose, the student body will stay after and have a yell practice since they obviouly didn't yell loud enough.
  10. Re: For those of you making the trip to College Station...........

    Go ahead and try that Al, let's see how that works out for ya. Haha
  11. For those of you making the trip to College Station...........

    Safe travels to you, have a great time and bring ear plugs! Kyle field is extremely LOUD! Be prepared to stand the entire game if you have Aggies in front of you. Warning: if the stadium appears to...
  12. Re: Saw An Aggie With An Anti-Bama T-Shirt Last Week.....

    Well done, I see what you did there!
  13. Re: Saw An Aggie With An Anti-Bama T-Shirt Last Week.....

    If he didn't have a ring, he's a t shirt fan. In the future, look to see if they are wearing the ring. All Ags (graduates) have one and they are all the same. He was probably wearing longhorn tshirts...
  14. Re: PSA From an Aggie Regarding Tix to the Sept 14th Game

    I agree with Harley, but if you like dishing out smack talk and don't mind taking it you will find texags sec page or the rivals page fun! If you have thick enough skin, you might enjoy it.
  15. Just read article on Derrick Henry.........

    in Parade magazine that came with my Midland TX paper today. Seems like a great kid with a good head on his shoulders. I think y'all got another good one!
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