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    Link: Re: Areas where Alabama can/needs to improve.

    I think ball play was lacking in the secondary. We had guys in position but they were not taught to be agressive enough. This isn't 1980. If you're DB's don't fight for the ball and risk a few...
  2. Re: Do we have a new DB coach yet?

    NFL jobs don't always indicate how good a coach someone is. Remember Belichick's Cleveland Staff was epic and included our beloved coach but got ran out of town on a rail.
  3. Re: A look back at the barn's (misguided) moment of joy

    Auburn fans do seem to jump at every little flicker of success and try to make it more than it is. Winning an iron bowl in dramatic fashion is great, you can get a tshirt, buy a picture for your...
  4. Question: Re: If we had an "elite" QB would Saban "turn him loose"?

    I don't think we've had an elite talent at QB since Richard Todd. These guys are very rare. Half the NFL teams are looking for one and can't find them. If we ever find a guy that can read a...
  5. Re: Jameis Winston's accuser files federal lawsuit against Florida State

    I suggest FSU write a massive check. They really don't want this to be looked at by a motivated third party. We all know her life and dignity were sacrificed to keep Winston under center. ...
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    Re: Final thoughts on Sugar Bowl...

    The thing I like about playoffs is that the season doesn't matter. Ohio State was a better team than us that day. Probably not during the season but they only needed to be better that day to move...
  7. Link: Re: BOL Staff's 15 Predictions for Alabama in 2015

    Grant Hill has played so many contested real game snaps at this point without much issue that he should almost be considered a returning starter. That leaves the question of how good can Bozeman...
  8. Re: One year eligibile transfers potentially hurts program

    I would not be in favor of a 1 year transfer at QB or OL unless we just didn't have any competition at the spot. At other positions players can rotate and I don't see it as much of a problem.
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    Re: Looking at the 2015 Roster

    We may need help at MLB depending on what Ragland does in the next month. We may also need to move some people to cover the safety position. I do believe Jackson can play better if he enters the...
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    Re: Some late-night post-mortems...

    I dissagree that the SEC is no longer the best conference, they are still the best overall, what has changed is that there are other programs around the country that are just as good as the top SEC...
  11. Re: Proud of the team and the effort they gave all year thread.

    I still hold this team fondly. They weren't bad on the OL and DL and at WR but everywhere else they were pedestrian or just banged up. The fact they made it as far as they did and of course that...
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    Re: Shoutout from USS Alabama Crew

    Real hero's there.
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    Re: Which 2015's will have immediate impact?

    Bo Scarborough is technically in this class and if we win against Ohio State he will have 4 weeks this winter, 4 weeks this spring and all of fall camp. That's an unprecidented amount of practice...
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    Re: Bo Scarborough Practicing with the Team

    Bo's a bit like Drake. He's not really a pure running back and I think the way we use him will be similar in that he will play inside and out but he's not as blazingly quick as drake (who is?) and...
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    Re: So Muschamp is in. Realistic expectations?

    I'm sure Muschamp will do a good job at Auburn, but Ellis Johnson was a god send last season according to them and they threw him out with the trash after losing the Iron Bowl. The team always...
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