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    JessN: Re: Tide wraps up another top-rated class

    tl;dr we are doing okay
  2. Re: Bama Loses Potential Recruit Ricky Town

    This is not as big as it seems at first glance IMO. There may be a bit of a log jam in the next three to four years for us and the possiblity of earlier playing time at USC may be the draw. We could...
  3. Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    This is what I was thinking and I am glad someone else said it. Bateman is a tall, lanky kid who can make most any throw and is talented. I figured he would win the starting job next year when all...
  4. Re: Kevin Steele will be Louisville DC

    getting his staff in place quickly I see
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    Franklin leaves Vandy for Penn State

    I did not see this posted

    Penn State offers Franklin
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    Re: Orange Bowl Tickets (Clemson vs. tOSU)

    Giving them away except for transfer costs (i.e. shipping overnight).
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    Orange Bowl Tickets (Clemson vs. tOSU)

    Happy new year all tidefans!

    I have two tickets to the Orange Bowl for Friday, Jan 3rd. If you are in the South Florida (Miami to West Palm) area I can overnight them tomorrow or if you are...
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    Re: LB Raekwon McMillian Updates

    Dang it. I would have liked him to go to Clemson if he had not picked us.
  9. Re: Anyone Need a Good Laugh?? - Ridiculous Aubie Article

    The more I read similar articles such as this, the more I see 2012 MSU "We Believe".
  10. Re: Auburn tries for first offensive TD against Tide since 2010

    Uh no. I am hoping for something more along the lines of LSU and Ole Miss. I don't want *U having the kind of offensive success that Texas A&M had against us. Our defense has improved dramatically...
  11. Link: Re: Malzahn possibly to Texas? Talk about a meltdown on the Plains. LOL!

    The author is kind of an idiot, but some of the other comments do make some sense. One in particular showed insight that I did not think many Texas fans had, saying that Saban to UT was wishful...
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    Re: Pick the score: Auburn vs. Alabama (Iron Bowl)

    Anyone got any material from their boards for the score projections? I have looked at two of their boards and have not found anything but I am not a ITAT member. Just looking for a general feeling.
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    Link: Re: Tide opens -9 1/2 (Already pushed to -11)

    Danny Sheridan (who is an odds-maker for those that don't know) said that Alabama would be a 17 point favorite two weeks ago. I think the current line has more to do with us sleep-walking through...
  14. Re: Interesting thread from 2008 on how Missouri would fare in the SEC

    I liked a post just because....
    Really interesting that Kansas and Kentucky were considered good in their respective conferences not that long ago.
  15. Re: Upcoming Auburn Game: Areas for Concern and Confidence

    I'm concerned that *uburn is 22-1 all time when the starting quarterback is a guy who was accused of stealing while at another SEC school.
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