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    Re: Michigan taking another run at Harbaugh - $48M!

    You sell Ross a bit short here, he coached at Georgia Tech and in 1990 won the ACC and a share of the national championship and, I think was Coach of the Year. From Tech he went to San Diego and took...
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    Re: Is Bo Scarborough Locked and Loaded for RB ?

    Not meaning to be a naysayer, but unless Scarborough takes real advantage of the three practice periods before next season (bowl, spring, and fall camp) to learn his assignments and polish his...
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    Re: College Football Strength of Schedule

    Notice that I specified "out of conference schedule". Specifically Florida Atlantic(6-6), USM (1-11), and WCU (2-10), all of which are cupcakes, the latter two with extra icing.

    I did not...
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    Re: College Football Strength of Schedule

    Whether its fair or not, our cupcake rich out of conference schedule could penalize us heavily if the championship series selection committee considers SoS to be a major factor in their...
  5. Re: Alabama Announces Homecoming to be on November 22

    :rolleye2: Banking on global warming are we?
  6. Link: Re: Saturday Down South's Top Ten Rankings Entering Spring Articles

    Based on performance and not potential, there's really not too much to disagree with in these ratings so far as I can see. Guess we'll get to see how good our staff is at bringing along raw talent in...
  7. Question: Re: Is Calling Coach Bryant 'The Bear" ok with Everyone?

    Sounds like you too were at the Georgia game in 1958.

    You're right about his friends not calling him Bear, my parents and several of their friends were contemporaries of the Bryants at Bama and...
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    Re: Cyrus K not starting off very good at combine.

    Good grief Earle, another surgery? Sorry to hear it and hope all goes well and that it is indeed a final and favorable resolution.
  9. Thread: SEC-TV Question

    by bama61

    Re: SEC-TV Question

    Thanks mulletover, interesting information. Like Earle, I live in an older neighborhood where we're on copper rather than fiber and U-verse has not been available. Not sure how far it might be to the...
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    Link: Re: 2015 OG Richie Fontaine Petitbon

    Actually Richie Petitbon was more than a safety in his college days at Tulane, he was also an all-SEC QB as well. One of Tulane's three wins in 1958 was over Coach Bryant's first Alabama team. and...
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    Re: The Width and Breadth of Alabama Recruiting

    Really good article, and at the bottom of the page was a link to another recruiting article, this one dealing with Richie Petitbon, an OG from the DC area. Just hope we get the young man and he turns...
  12. Re: 2014 DB Kalvaraz Bessent switches commitment to Aurburn

    Doggone, that sure sounds like me and most of my friends back about sixty years ago...things sure don't change much do they?
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    Re: Vol Players Arrested Overnight

    Appears there was a bit more to the party than a few kids having a beer or two and playing video games.....

    Party Time!
  14. Link: Re: Does Alabama Have the Best O-Line Class in Recent Years?

    On paper and based on potential, a great class. However there are some key points at which the actual talent evaluation kicks in:

    Feb 2014 - who actually signs LOIs
    June 2014 - who beyond the...
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    Re: Would you hedge your vet? barner loses 50K

    In a yankee minute! Betting is business, rooting for your team is fun. Don't ever confuse the two or gets damn expensive as the Aubie just experienced. Hedge bets in situations like his are nothing...
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