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  1. Re: Kris Bryant Is Coming...finally, to the Cubies

    This is kind on topic but Kris Bryant (who should be consider the favorite for NL ROY right now) hit a 2 run homerun in tonight's Jake Arrieta's no-hitter.

    Here's the Bama connection: Tommy Hunter...
  2. Re: Here's What Fear The Walking Dead Won't Show

    Apparently AMC is now producing a half hour special that will take place in the same universe as TWD/FTWD and it will follow a group of characters (Zombies on the---Sam Jackson's favorite...
  3. Replies

    Re: Illinois Fires Tim Beckman

    He needed to be fired since the day he was hired. Long overdue.
  4. Re: Play QB at Bama if want a cute girlfriend

    So I take it that having a hot girlfriend is replacing the "Bama Bangs" as the thing people associate with being an Crimson Tide QB?
  5. Re: What's happened to David Cornwell this summer?

    All I know is that he didn't transfer and he wasn't kicked off the team. Which means, at least to me, he can bounced back. The question is, will he? Until he is no longer is at UA, DC will have a...
  6. Re: Breaking News: Reporter and Photographer Killed During Live TV Interview In Virgi

    The story of the camerman and his fiancee who happens to be the producer this morning is especially gut-wrenching. Was supposedly their last day at the stations and were planning to move to...
  7. Re: Here's What Fear The Walking Dead Won't Show

    I know there are not going to kill off characters of FTWD like they do on TWD, but geez I really hope the Junkie Nick isn't too long for this world. If the end of the world as you know it doesn't get...
  8. Re: Here's What Fear The Walking Dead Won't Show

    That was...........the longest hour and a half of any show I've seen in quite some time. Not in a good way mind you. I get the slow build but this was barely a crawl episode for me. Hope it picks up...
  9. Re: "cheating website" Ashley Madison hacked, 36 Million users to be outed

    This story and thread are both :PDT_popc1: worthy. So I am enjoying the heck out of this story.

    Now I don't necessary like hackers (because they can make great careers with their skills if they...
  10. Re: 2015 QB Ricky Town Decommits from Alabama, Flips to USC

    Arkansas, it is.
  11. Re: 2015 QB Ricky Town Decommits from Alabama, Flips to USC

    Or Robert Marve part 3. At least Gunner has shown he can play at the college level.
  12. Link: Re: Couple takes their pet snake for a swim..

    This couple probably also is concern about their "basement chemistry set" might be up in smoke if left unattended for to long.
  13. News Article: Re: Tom Brady likely knew of 'inappropriate activities,' Deflategate report says

    Spygate, for one. "The Brady Rule" for another. I guess N.E. lives by the motto of "If you ain't cheatin', you ain' tryin."
  14. Re: Hitchhiking robot's cross-country journey comes to tragic end in Philadelphia

    Philadelphia, the Florida of the north. (Yes, I know one's a city and the other is a state.)
  15. Re: Report: Four SEC teams to wear black Nike alternate uniforms in 2015

    I'm actually ok with the black alternatives if Bama wears them against a non-conference, non-Power 5 team. Otherwise, I rather just wear the Crimson. With that said, I agree with the sentiment that...
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