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    Link: Re: It's getting ugly at Grambling....

    I'm not sure what your point is exactly. Is it not OK that I have a problem with the players attempting to dictate the coaching staff?

    If things are as bad as the players say (and I have no reason...
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    Link: Re: It's getting ugly at Grambling....

    I fully understand your point.

    Still, what stands out to me is attempting to dictate the coaching staff. I think this severely weakens their position.
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    Link: Re: It's getting ugly at Grambling....

    Yes. Only because I think "unsafe training rooms" is a subjective statement. Maybe there's toxic mold and the weights fall off the racks onto the players. Maybe there's one mat in the corner that's a...
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    Link: Re: It's getting ugly at Grambling....

    There's obviously two-sides to the finances/player-treatment angle and not knowing the details, it's hard to say who's in the wrong or right.

    The part that jumps out at me: The players are also...
  5. Link: Re: Assistant Strength/Conditioning Coach Placed on Leave

    I'd think that would severely limit your hiring pool. "Ties to an agent" is a rather ambiguous term. For all we know this guy met an agent once. I'd be willing to bet there aren't many coaches in CFB...
  6. Re: D.J. Fluker should have been paid by Alabama

    This doesn't worry me much. I'm assuming the money has been all but traced to DJ's front door. All that's up for discussion now is a) how much, b) whether he thought it was an agent payment or just a...
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    Re: ESPN abandons it's recruiting web sites

    Just a hypothetical for the downfall of the ESPN monopoly:
    I think the real competition for ESPN will come with the current paradigm shift from networks as content providers to the content providers...
  8. Re: Ex-Marine being made to sit out a year by NCAA

    A Marine in a uniform? I'm with the NCAA on this one. Marines don't usually do anything in uniform. They usually just run around in all kinds of different colors expressing their individuality....
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    Re: Can McCarron win the Heisman?

    He's definitely well placed given his position and the era he's playing in. If you look at the history of the Heisman winners, there are some pretty extreme trends in terms of how positions and...
  10. Link: Re: Study: Want to Get Drafted in the NFL? Go to Kentucky, Not Alabama!

    Agreed, but I think there's even more to it than that (if I understand the "study" correctly). Taking the extreme boundary case of a school that has no 4 or 5* recruits demonstrates the absurdity. If...
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    Re: Lacy "fumble" on the goal line (pic)

    Sorry, but I agree with the officials that even this photo does not contain irrefutable evidence. If Lacy has his belly facing the turf the "goal line" that you "see" is one or two or several or who...
  12. 2013 Prospect: Re: Calif. LS Cole Mazza

    If this guy affords an extra 1-2 10th's of a second during every kick/punt over our next viable option... well how much closer to the intended flight path of the ball does a defensive player get in...
  13. Re: Arkansas Hires John L. Smith as interim coach

    Ahhh... so he IS a Bobby Petrino clone.
  14. Re: Charlie Weiss Teaches KU Players How to Celebrate...

    If they do win a game it will be interesting to watch the commentators critique the team's post-game celebration. I hope it's John Madden with his magic pen.
  15. News Article: Re: Spurrier to Propose New Method for Deciding Divisional Champs

    Respectfully I can. Just like a team with a 10-2 record could be a better team and should be ranked higher than a team with a 12-0 record.

    I disagree but I think any argument over what this...
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