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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Porcines Pregame Thread****

    First down Alabama!!!!!
  2. Re: Ole Miss player admits they were preparing for Alabama and not Memphis

    Everybody knows that...even the Geico gecko!
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    Re: A moment of clarify after this loss

    I do not see Ole Miss as an elite team. Someone might say say..."well they beat us didn't they?" That being said I don't think and haven't thought before this game that we are an elite team. I see...
  4. Re: 5 weeks your top three in the east and west of the SEC

    Just wondering...does anybody think Miss State could be third or better in the west?
  5. 5 weeks your top three in the east and west of the SEC

    Who are the players at this point?
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    Re: The Good The Bad and The Ugly WVU

    I couldn't agree more. If DB doesn't get fixed I see several loses.
  7. Question: Just for fun....who will the starting quarterback be in our first game?

    Tell me why you think so. Those who are going to answer "I'm happy with whoever Coach Saban chooses" need not reply.
  8. Re: My Take on BCSNCG Tonight (and how it may affect us)

    This game falls into the "kissing your sister" category. I've debated whether to even watch it or not. Most of us wouldn't mind seeing the Barn fall on their face. Auburn is very lucky to be where...
  9. Question: Re: Taking off Crimson Glasses tonight&reflecting back on our season! whats your thou

    I agree GrayTide. Sometimes we just have to admit we are not as good and move on. Just because we won several NC's in a row doesn't mean this team was as good. I don't like the entitlement...
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    Re: AJ is rooting for the barn

    I have a friend who is for Auburn that said they were pulling for Alabama but I know its unlikely most Auburn folks pulled for Alabama. I think it is beginning to dawn on most of them that this...
  11. Just for fun: What was the starting QB's jersey number in every NC year?

    Without looking it up. Go back as far as you can. Just pretend the Jeopardy music is playing in the background.
  12. Re: You can make one change for the good of College Football?

    I am not in favor of a long playoff system. The season is long enough injury or two in an early playoff game makes you a different team for the bigger games that follow. I like our...
  13. Re: "It's hard to watch this kind of football."-Tom Jackson

    The NFL has gone the way of the NBA...all scoring and no defense. I'm afraid college football is on the same path.
  14. Question: Is it just me or is this the least interesting bowl season in memory? (except BCS)

    I mean Texas A&M and Duke....really?
  15. Question: Will Saban have a redefining moment like Coach Bryant did with the wishbone?

    As anyone who has been around college football knows the game schemes are nothing new. If a coach doesn't make certain changes he can be left behind (I'm sure certain coaches come to...
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