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    Re: Season ticket wait list (getting closer...)

    Don't forget about that 3rd installment to TP if you have one due [emoji12]

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    Link: Re: Ole Miss' Peach Bowl PARTICIPATION rings

    If my memory us right. Ole Miss might have won, but Eli Manning tripped and lost the ball deep in their own territories late in the game. I was at the Bama game a few weeks earlier when Eli lit us...
  3. Poll: Re: Let Gaspard stay or NOT coach another game at UA

    He's gotta go. If you wait to see what happens next year at this time, we might wish he was gone after last season [emoji13]

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    Re: 2015 College World Series Bracket

    Kind of weird that Bama is not there. Thought they had a chance after advancing to last Friday's game vs Vandy.

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  5. Sharpton's daughter climbs Bali mountain after suing NYC for ankle injury.

    Back in the 80s and 90s he was a scumbag and now 20 plus years later, he's still a scumbag and the apples don't fall far from the tree with his daughter.

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    Re: Boys and girls, it is over...

    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor [emoji378]

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  7. Re: SEC Network has been really disappointing in coverage of 'Bama baseball

    At least y'all can get the SEC Network. Our apartment complex is only wired for Optimum.

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  8. Re: When will the crimson/white rosters be announced?

    Not up here. No SEC Network. Thank you optimum. My apartment is not wired for verizon and dishes are not allowed.

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  9. Link: Re: Former Nebraska RB Lawrence Phillips suspected of killing cellmate in prison

    There were a few bad apples on that Nebraska team. I want to say Christian Peter? A defensive lineman. He was no saint either.

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  10. Re: Looks like we're playing Arkansas for Homecoming

    I wonder how a 4 year old will do in a 2 day car drive from NJ to TTown round trip? I'm not sure if my wife would be up for a road trip like this.

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    Re: Coaching Search: Names Not considered

    David Hobbs.

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  12. Re: NJ has fourth highest number of hate groups per SPLC

    Try living in The Garbage State [emoji12]

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    Re: Ashley Judd & Dick Vitale's Creepy Kiss

    I wonder if he slipped her his tong with a twist.

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    Re: SEC considers Notre Dame as Power Five team.

    I saw this lady wearing a ND undefeated season sweatshirt up here today. She looked at by Alabama jacket was we walked by each other. I smiled as she tucked her head down. [emoji1]

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    Link: Charlie Weis Jr. Joins Alabama Football Staff

    That is something. My cousins aunt is a retired teacher up here and she and Charlie SR. taught at the same school up here years ago. I'm not too sure what year it was, but he was the baseball coach...
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