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  1. Re: Do we have a new DB coach yet?

    You dang skippy he did!
  2. News Article: Re: SIAP - Erica Kinsman Goes Public (Jameis Winston's Alleged Victim)

    I live in the state of Florida and have been in Law Enforcement for the last 20 years. It is unbelievable and a travesty to me the way the Tallahassee PD has handled this case. If it were just a...
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    Re: Hello From Crimson Steel

    Welcome neighbor!.....
  4. Re: AU fans are convinced Kick-6 was the beginning of the end for Saban/Alabama

    Boy it must be a hard life for the Aubies filled with that much envy, to post smut like this.
  5. News Article: Re: Blake Sims Opens Up About Tears, Hugs After Sugar Bowl and How It Fuels NFL Dream

    Blake proved the doubters wrong at Bama and I have no doubt he will do the same in the pros.;)
  6. Re: Why is Nick Saban so much better at Alabama than he was at LSU?

    Because we're Bama, and they're (ahem) LSU.:cool:
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    Re: Lane Kiffin a candidate for 49ers OC job

    IMHO, if Lane is smart, he'll stay and learn every bit of knowledge that he can from CNS.
  8. Re: Tuscaloosa's Deontay Wilder wins World Heavyweight Championship!

    He is soooo good, because he knows HOW TO USE THE JAB TO SET UP POWER PUNCHES!!! and he's only gonna get better!
  9. Re: Tenpenny and Faciane no longer with the team

    Those walk-ons deserve it.
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    Re: Prepare for another unpredictable season

    I believe with Saban at the helm, we'll be in the playoff picture every year that he's there.
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    Re: Ohio St fans' letter praising Bama fans

    That was refreshing....not like a lot of fans are nowadays.
  12. Re: Letter from Landon Collins to the University, coaches and fans

    Awesome....Gonna miss LC for sure.
  13. Re: Ohio State: Next Season's FSU w/o the Drama

    This poll is whack!
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    Question: Re: Thoughts on the 2015 Offensive Line

  15. Re: Can we expect any "surprise" teams in the SEC next year?

    Mark my word....Arky will be tough next year and should surprise some teams and break the top 15 at least.
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