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  1. Re: Buddy Pell. A Guy I Will Be Pulling For..

    I remember Coach Bryant once saying he'd rather coach a kid with heart than a kid with talent because the kid with heart could learn and would never ever quit (or something like that).
  2. Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Sugar Bowl style....

    The Good: Henry is going to be GREAT!
    The Bad: IMO several played with the "I don't want to get hurt before the combine" attitude.
    The Ugly: Turnovers and stupid penalties.
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    Re: Cyrus Kouandjio stock

    I thought the same thing. Helping his brother is admirable, but it too often led to mistakes.
  4. Re: Congrats to AJ for winning the Maxwell Award

    Well deserved!
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    Re: AJ Wins the Johnny Unitas Award

    Does this qualify him for the College Football Hall of Fame?
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    Poll: Re: Who Do You PREFER to Win: Barn or FSU?

    I think Madame Fate will give the nod to FSU.
    FSU was in the very first BCS championship game and lost to an SEC team (TN).
    This is the very last BCS championship game so it's redemption!
  7. Re: Pick the score: Auburn vs. Alabama (Iron Bowl)

    I'm sure coach Mule-zone will have some trickery in mind that will result in a TD, but I think our D has been playing with a chip on its shoulder since the Colorado State game and will not give up 2....
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    Re: Which one of you painted UT's rock?

    You've got to admit, in the original OP pic the rock was prettier. Much nicer colors!
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    Re: Interesting: Muschamp vs. Zook

    wow. I didn't realize the two HC records were that close.
    I figured Pease would be gone, but if gator alums are looking at the same data you've presented, you may be right. He could be gone after...
  10. Re: From the Grove: Ole Miss Spokeswoman? / Student Representative? / Party Girl!

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    Link: Re: AJ as "Game Manager"...

    Well written piece - the comparison to Starr was awesome.
    I would love to see AJ enter the record books as the only QB to win 3 consecutive crystal balls!
  12. Re: Moving to Bowman, ND, any BAMA fans near?

    I spent some time in the Black Hills (SD), and while there was good hunting, I didn't find many CFB fans. Most interests lie locally, but you will find an occasional transient with tastes similar to...
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    I heard a barner on the radio this morning lauding about their much improved defense.
    He told the host he thought their game with aTm would be close and asked if the host agreed.
    The host laughed...
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    Re: TX-Iowa State ending and Paul Roads rant

    He should have been ranting about his defense giving up a hail-mary touchdown pass just before halftime. ISU had their chances and blew it.
  15. Re: Kentucky Head Coach Mark Stoops seemed to have thrown in the towel

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