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    Question: Re: How good is Oklahoma?

    I agree with this sentiment. Playing them in the semis probably gives us a better chance. There are only 3 teams that truly scare me, Ohio St, Stanford, and Oklahoma. I'm probably being an arrogant...
  2. Re: Coker scramble/td pass play is amazing when watching replay:

    This play was Coker's best play of the year. The third down scramble a few plays before where he didn't get the 1st down but put us in a position to go for it on 4th was huge as well. A very solid...
  3. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings tonight (update on page 2)

    I don't think OK State will win out, but if they did, I can't imagine them not being in the top 4 even if ND wins out as well. There would be an enormous amount of uproar, and not just from the Big...
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    Re: Playoff picture 11/15/15

    I completely agree. I think ND is in the top 4 as a placeholder until the big 12 gets sorted out. Based on what I saw last night, Oklahoma would be a tough out in the playoffs. Them and Ohio st...
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    Game Thread Re: Oklahoma vs Baylor

    Oklahoma has a good non-conference road win against the vols and looks like a team that can win out. If ND loses to Stanford, then OK probably gets in.
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    Re: Week 2 College Football Poll released

    I think you're spot on with the exception of Michigan State. I don't think they control their own destiny. If they do win out, I think this is where the winner of Stanford/ND (assuming Stanford...
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    Re: Week 2 College Football Poll released

    Agree, but if someone emerges undefeated they won't get left out. A one loss champ isn't making it over a one loss pac 10 champ or ND, though Oklahoma would have the best chance.
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    Re: Week 2 College Football Poll released

    Undefeated big 12, undefeated big 10, 1 loss sec champ, and Clemson I think control their own destiny. I don't think notre dame does even though they're currently at 4, but I think the winner of...
  9. Re: Would not be surprised to hear Richt getting fired soon.

    I see no way Richt is back next year. They had golden opportunities in the east with UT and UF down over the last two years and allowed Missouri to get to Atlanta instead. Now UT and UF are back as...
  10. Re: 108 Early Nominees for NFL Hall of Fame 2016 - Tide represented.....

    Bennett should be in the HOF based on his body of work over an extended period of time. He played a significant role in 5 Super Bowl teams, but unfortunately was on the losing side of all of them,...
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    Game Thread Re: LSU at Syracuse (ESPN)

    I just don't think LSU is that good outside of Fournette. He had great games against Miss St. and Auburn, but that seems to be all they have. I think they will look pretty pedestrian once they face...
  12. Re: I actually feel better about this Alabama team after the game

    The UGA game is an interesting matchup. They are almost a mirror image of us. They may be a little better on offense, but we are probably better on defense. The thing that gives me the most...
  13. Re: I actually feel better about this Alabama team after the game

    I agree with the original poster that a host of errors had to occur for us to lose the game. I also think Ole Miss is a very good football team and maybe the best team we will play all season. With...
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    Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. MTSU

    I think Kiffin's play calling today was designed to see how Coker would do at pushing the ball down the field. He did a pretty poor job of it overall. I also think Harris will see meaningful...
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    Question: Re: Anyone miss the Legion Field games?

    When I was a young kid in the 80's going to games at Legion Field, I might as well have been going to Fenway or Madison Square Garden. You knew it was a big game when it was in Birmingham. Some of...
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