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    Link: Re: More Trouble at Florida State?

    This will make it easier for the move. LSU will not let this deter them from hiring Jimbo.
  2. Re: Lane Kiffin Interviewed for the Maryland Head Coach Vacancy

    I've said it before but Saban has to have good OC's wanting to come work under him for the experience and attention. It always leads to another step up for them if they do a good job.

    With the...
  3. Re: 2016 OT Greg Little Updates (De-Commits from Texas A&M)

    He got to watch a good game in a super atmosphere. I may not pass up that chance even if I knew I was most likely going someplace else.
  4. Re: ***2017 4-Star Tuscaloosa RB Brian Robinson commits to Bama***

    I always felt a great o line would make all the difference in the running game. As long as we get top linemen we'll have a runningback that will be one of the best.

    Great pickup. I hope he stays...
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    Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. LSU...

    I hope it doesn't go to the teams head. It should be obvious a 3 loss team can beat us if we don't play our best.

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    Game Thread Re: Ole Miss vs. Arky


    After all the luck against us...................
  7. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. LSU - 2nd Half...

    Kiffin has called another great game. It's easier when the defense is as dominating as ours, plus the Offensive line looks good tonight.

    He has held back on the trickery and outsmarting himself....
  8. Question: Re: If you were the coach what would you do if we win the toss Saturday?

    If you defer it doesn't mean you kick off. The other team has the choice to kick or receive.

    You get that same choice to start the 2nd.
  9. Re: Pat Haden Stepping Down from College Football Playoff Committee

    Kiffin may be available. He's a west coast guy.:smile:
  10. Re: If Kiffin leaves, who would you like as Off Coord?

    I have no idea but I would assume Coach Saban has a couple on his short list.

    With the skill we regularly get on offense it shouldn't be hard to get a few applicants. I'm more worried about our...
  11. Re: Off week hypothetical - What if Bama were in LSU's shoes in the future?

    We have a statue of a coach that went to Duke and got a 2nd statue.

    So whats the problem. The statue is for winning here, not for refusing to coach somewhere else.
  12. Re: B1G disaster scenario for tie breaking is looming.

    You must be a good Alabama fan to endure some of the stuff that gets thrown your way, just because of your BigTen affiliation.

    I hate Urban Meyer. Stay strong BIGTide. :)
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    Re: Is Ragland Saban's best MLB?

    I like em all. I also think Evans is going to be super one day, although it may not be MLB. He seems to make a play each time he's on the field.
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    Re: Texas A&M stats 2015

    We force more 3rd and long than most, so teams have to gamble with risky plays that can work or go horribly wrong. I'm hoping we can start to capitalize on a few as our back end becomes more...
  15. Re: The Bret Bielema Flop?

    I thought the pointing with both fingers at our sideline after the missed field goal was immature of him. I didn't catch these other things until posted.
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