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    Re: Mark Richt is a Good Man?

    well said. I'm getting tired of it all. Especially the implication that other coaches must be "lesser" men that don't measure up to his most awesome goodness. (GAG)
  2. JessN: Re: ULM Wrap-up: Bama gets its revenge, but did the Tide get better?

    Great article, Jess.

    Can't argue with any of it.

    Just gotta say that the OL play this year has been the most disappointing aspect of our team to me so far. We knew we'd have growing pains with...
  3. JessN: Re: ULM Preview: Alabama has to set an identity while it still can

    It's really quite disturbing to see a directional school lead the #1 recruiting class for years running in any category, much less the QB one. For them to even be CLOSE in any talent category is...
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    Re: Anyone read this Idiot????????????

    no clicks for you!
  5. Re: defensive stat that I was unaware of........ i knew things had gotten bad but...

    Yep. Always have. Don't like how complicated the defenses have been.
  6. Re: defensive stat that I was unaware of........ i knew things had gotten bad but...

    Agreed. I think Saban's system, for all his genius, makes players on defense, and especially in the defensive backfield, overthink instead of reacting to the ball, which is the most important thing....
  7. Re: I actually feel better about this Alabama team after the game

    Absolute gold, usual. Thanks for the Rationality on A monday where we're gonna be bombarded with the "Alabama sux" mentality on radio (I'm avoiding it altogether this week) and tv.
  8. Re: Tim Brando: Nick Saban Retiring to the Broadcast Booth Good for the Game

    ABSOLUTELY. Brando retiring would be the best thing for College Football in general.
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    Question: Re: Anyone miss the Legion Field games?

    Was at both those games. I think that TN game was near Halloween, and Jeff Dunn opened with a LONG bomb...maybe even a TD?...that made the crowd go nuts and we NEVER shut up!


    That said...I...
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    Re: Team Flight Charter Not on Delta?

    Well, don't even discuss US Air...ugh. Will never use them again...ever. Got stranded in Frankfurt for a day while waiting on a "routine" part to arrive from Hamburg's docks (??/!!!) and while we...
  11. JessN: Re: Ohio State preview: Focus is on Meyer-Saban, but game will be won elsewhere

    preciate the writeup, Jess, as usual.

    BUT, there is no way that OSU has a better stable of RB's than we do. I've watched EVERY game or tape of them this season, and it's not even close.
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    News Article: Re: Cecils Hurt Article

    This is one of the more poignant points of Cecil's article:

    "And that funny thing that happened? Slowly, Crimson Tide fans found out they could enjoy watching a team instead of just a scoreboard,...
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    Re: Props To Mizzou

    Agreed. You can tell their players are coached to play the right way and to act in a classy manner and that spills over to the fans. Great coaching staff, and a growing, loyal fan base really does...
  14. Re: Jerry Palm's playoff projections bracket

    How bout elaborating?
  15. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update, CWM allegedly going to USCe)

    This is SOOO true. Brown and Dunaway are great, but "Rock Star" and LT are the most annoying people on the radio anywhere. "Rock stars" little comic schtick has gotten tiresome.
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